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Daily Life Activities for Building Self-esteem

Shashank Nakate
Self-respect is the most important driving force in our lives. People who lack this attribute find it very hard to cope with the challenges that they face in their everyday lives. Here we provide some activities for building self-esteem.
The term 'self-esteem' is defined in many ways, and as we summarize the definitions, it can be said that it is nothing but the way you think about yourself. Higher the degree of belief in yourself, higher is the self-regard.
According to Nathaniel Branden, a psychotherapist and well-known writer from Canada, self-esteem is defined as the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness.

Building Self-respect

It is not very difficult to build this attribute. All it takes is conditioning of the mind. After all, our mind plays an important role in our development. Of course, there are external factors which affect our lives, but a healthy mind is able to adapt to these factors.
Listening to your heart is important. The crux of the idea of 'listening to your heart' is to do what you really want to do. It helps you realize your desires and goals in life. Trying to please everyone around proves to be a barrier in your quest to build trust in yourself.
Get rid of the hustle and bustle of life and spend some time in silence every day. It helps you settle down and develop your inner strength. Come out of the negative thoughts as they only make you weak.
Don't be too critical about your actions. Constantly challenging yourself is one way of enhancing this quality. It helps break the mental barriers which we create around ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly.

Effective Techniques

Different team games help building respect for yourself. Although this is the main purpose of these games, other qualities like cooperation and empathy can also be developed. These games help us understand the importance of these qualities.
Advertising Yourself: In this activity, one has to persuade the audience to become his friend. In the process, the person tries to find his qualities and also lets the others know about him. He can make use of words and pictures for persuading people.
Here, the participant is thinking about advertising himself as a friend, so it is natural for him to think positively. If he gets stuck in between, the audience can participate in this activity in order to encourage him. This interaction acts as a boost.
Gauntlet: A gauntlet is a kind of a glove, which is a part of a medieval armor. In this activity, two rows are formed with people facing each other. Since the passage between these rows is like a tube, the game is known as gauntlet. Every participant is made to walk through these rows.
As he proceeds, the members of the row pat him on the back, hug or say kind words to him. The participant is advised to walk slowly so as to pay attention to every gesture. This activity - the gauntlet, reminds us of a cricket game where sportsmen passing through the spectators are cheered and patted on their backs.
Discussion: This activity is conducted in a group. Every person in the group is given a theme on which he needs to write about, after which he participates in a discussion on the theme.
Interview: An interview greatly helps in overcoming low self-esteem. A group chooses a theme and write on it. The person is then interviewed by other members of the group. He learns to present the topic systematically which, in turn, increases his confidence.

Useful Tips

Say positive things to yourself. If you do something repeatedly, you start believing in it. Positive thinking makes you believe in your own potential. This activity is not about instilling false beliefs, but is rather about reminding yourself about the qualities you possess.
Start maintaining a diary or a journal to record your daily activities. Once you start expressing yourself through writing, you will be surprised to find the number of qualities you possess.
  • Write down the goals you want to achieve in life. It is a human tendency to give more importance to written words. These very words will drive you towards your goals.
  • Accept yourself the way you are. Even if you want to overcome your shortcomings, the first step is to accept yourself.
  • Try to face your fears. It sounds a bit hard to follow, but it is the best solution.
  • Take responsibility of your actions. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and stop criticizing yourself for futile reasons.
  • Be kind to the ones around you. Always treat others the way you would want to be treated by them.
  • If you are in good company, positive energies will surround you.
  • No matter how busy you are, try to be in the vicinity of nature since it possess a great invisible healing power.
  • Change yourself according to the situation. Adaptability is a positive attribute.
  • Keep your body and mind fit. Daily exercise and meditation can work wonders.
  • Enjoy your life. Having fun is a stress-busting activity, and it also keeps your immune system healthy.
It is in our hands to grow and develop in life. There are people to guide you; but in the end, the onus of helping yourself lies on you. Be honest to yourself, and start developing your self-esteem.