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Beneficial Activities to Improve Your Working Memory

Rujuta Borkar Feb 24, 2020
An active working memory forms the basis of reasoning and intelligence. That is why it is important to develop and hone the same. Here, we will take you through certain activities that will help you achieve exactly that.
Let's suppose you make a mental note of the varied things that you have to buy at the grocery store, but you do not have the time to make a proper list on paper. After the shopping is done and you're home, you realize that you have forgotten to pick up 2-3 items.
You curse your memory and promise yourself that you'll get around to it the next time you're out. The section of memory that you cursed? Yeah, that was your working memory. What exactly is working memory?
Working memory is responsible for holding information till it is processed and retained. This information is important for carrying forth functions like reasoning, learning and comprehending. The term working memory is often used interchangeably with short term memory, but many scientists now say that the two are completely different.
This pocket of memory is often tested because there are several distractions in the form of external stimuli as well as the influx of newer information that are being processed at the same time. It is believed that a strong working memory could form the basis of general intelligence and reasoning.
Given the importance of working memory for a person, there is a need to improve and hone the same for everyone. In that direction, certain activities for improvement of working memory will be discussed here.

Activities and Games to Improve Working Memory

Looking at something as a task that needs to be done, often proves to be a discouraging factor. Treating something as a game and adding the element of fun to it, instead, is a rather effective way of bringing about results. That's why introducing activities that focus on improving your working memory in your daily routine are highly recommended.

Map a Film

One of the best strategies to improve working memory is to develop the power of recalling. Recalling lessons or things related to work are boring, so we won't go there. What you can do instead is pick up a subject that you love.
For example, your favorite film. Choose a film that you know inside out. Then simply close your eyes and start recalling the film from start to end. Go back to the film and check the details that you missed. Do this exercise for some days picking a different film every time. You'll find that your capacity to recall information will have improved greatly.

Mental Imagery of the Closet

Zero in on any wardrobe or cupboard in your home. Draw a mental imagery of it. Starting with the top shelf, work through the whole wardrobe. You can also make notes of the same. This will challenge you to recollect much better.

Recall a Radio Show

Tune into a radio show that features a countdown of songs. Listen to it to recall the details. When it is over, try to list the songs in the descending order with it's details like the artist, actors and actresses in the song. This will help in memory improvement.

Miscellaneous Games

There are a number of other activities that can be brought into the picture. Here are some of the same:
  • Upturn a pack of cards and then go about finding the pairs by upturning only a pair at one time.
  • Solving varied kinds of puzzles is a great way to work the brain and improve working memory.
  • Picking out random objects and then observing the same for 10 seconds or so before making a list of the same.
  • Learning a new language or learning the lyrics of a song is a great way to bring about an improvement in working memory.
These games and activities are quite effective when it comes to improving your working memory. You need just bring these activities into play and you'll see a marked improvement in your ability to recall, recollect and comprehend. And is that not what you want?