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Effective Anger Management Games

Rahul Thadani Aug 1, 2020
Anger management courses and therapies commonly employ some games in order to help their patients. These have proven extremely beneficial and advantageous to many people over a period of time. Here we list a few of them for you.
Anger is an emotion that we all usually express. Different people have different ways of venting it out, and expressing their frustration. Some people get extremely violent and aggressive, some become defensive, some resort to isolating themselves, whereas some just sulk and whine.
These forms of expression vary from person to person, and it is hard to predict how a person will exactly react to a particular situation. Playing some games to manage anger often results in calming a person down, and successfully ascertaining the causes of frequent outbursts.
Anger can be converted into a very useful tool, if we manage to handle and channel it in the right manner. Not getting carried away is a gift that will serve us for the rest of our lives, but this doesn't mean that we suppress it completely, and do not express ourselves.
Apart from discovering the root causes of violent behavior, games are group therapies that teach individuals how to express their anger in a positive way. By doing so, they are given an opportunity to lead enhanced lives, and also avoid many unpleasant situations involving their family members and friends.

For Adults

The anger management courses that are frequented the most, often deploy the use of games as a means of analyzing the patients, and also as remedial means. The reactions of the players are closely observed and thus their behavior patterns are predicted.
It also enables the patient to learn how to control their outbursts, and channel them in the right manner. A system of rewarding someone for good work, and punishing them for doing something wrong also works in most cases.
"Luck of the roll" is game for youth. Each person rolls a dice, and the number they roll determines the prizes they get. Each person's reactions are monitored and analyzed. Once the game is over they are all asked to share what they felt after they received, or failed to receive a particular prize.
Group discussions are the key to any successful anger management session, and talking about their fits in front of other similar people, often helps people overcome such feelings.

For Kids

As far as children are concerned, it would just be very wrong to send them to a therapy. This would have a detrimental effect on them, and maybe even worsen the condition. Depending on the age of the child, and the intensity of his/ her anger problems, some kids can be sent for these courses in extreme cases.
Usually, for children, games hold more importance, as they teach them the values of staying calm and keeping their cool.
These games are important because they usually stem from something that they have seen or heard. Ascertaining the causes of anger in them usually results in moments of self reflection for parents, as it is their influence at home, that leads to the birth of such feelings in the first place.
Anger management games help the child to develop a sense of brotherhood with the other people around him, and this often leads to compassion and patience in them. Involving in these activities make them more confident, and help in bringing them out of their shells at the same time.
There are many on-line games, that can help people with this problem, right in the comfort of their own homes. A family member or a friend of that particular individual must sit with them though, and must offer suggestions and feedback constantly.
The first step of anger management is admitting the problem, and then accepting the help of loved ones. People who drive away the ones who are most willing to help them out, will only compound the problem further.