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Anger Management Quiz

Kundan Pandey
Quizzes on anger management can be taken as a test for evaluating your anger management abilities. In this story, we present before you some resourceful information about the same.
Anger is regarded as one of the strongest human emotions, and it is a primal instinct in man since prehistoric ages to protect itself from wild animals. Aggression and violence are offshoots of anger, and they are helpful when used in a positive manner.
While we all get angry every day at some point of time, in some people it takes a much greater form and disrupts daily life. Anger management is the solution to decreasing this problem among the masses. Anger is irrespective of age and affects everyone alike.

A General Quiz on Anger Management

The following sets of questions can be addressed in two ways, either true or false. Take this test and check how well you can manage your anger. Discuss the questions with your family members and see how correct you are. Here are the questions.
  • During the past week, I have felt irritable and constantly enraged. (True/False)
  • Since the last week, I have been angry more than once. And later I regretted that. (True/False)
  • During the past week, my behavior with others has been rude and impatient. (True/False)
  • I have broken some of my belongings in anger and rage, more than once or twice. (True/False)
  • I find it difficult to deal with people who do not agree with me. (True/False)
  • I hold on to resentments/grudges for a long time. (True/False)
  • I resort to alcohol or other drinks in case I have a bad fight or altercation with someone. (True/False)
  • I am aware that anger outbursts are not the only way to release the tension occupying my mind. (True/False)
  • Learning breathing exercises can be effective in controlling anger. (True/False)
  • Anger is a natural reaction of the body and mind, and so I do not think it can cause some harm to me or my fellow beings. (True/False)
  • The environment where I have been bought up determines my ability to respond to anger in a responsible way. (True/False)
  • Anger is a healthy emotion, if and only if it is utilized in a constructive way. (True/False)
  • Humor is a poor way to combat any chances of an outburst of anger. (True/False)
  • Talking to friends, relatives, family members about my anger-related problems is not a good idea. (True/False)
  • If I get angry at some point, I try to follow some tips that I have learned to control my anger. I have seen its effects and it is working with me often. (True/False)
  • I have never made efforts to learn any tips to control my anger. (True/False)

Quiz on Anger Management for Children

For kids, it can be easily achieved if their anger habits are analyzed in the childhood. Children respond to things that are taught to them, so it is best to give them such quizzes. Here are some 'true' or 'false' questions that will act quiz options for kids.
  • I stay up till late during night thinking of people who have tried to harm me. (True/False)
  • I get angry when some of my friends think that I am wrong about something.
  • I get impatient and frustrated if I am unable to complete my work on time. (True/False)
  • I cannot control my emotions when I lose in sports activities. (True/False)
  • I become violent at times when someone says something against my wish. (True/False)
  • Often, I do not say anything to my friends or others if I do not approve of their behavior. However, I analyze their acts thinking about replies that I should have made, even long time after the issue is over. (True/False)
Quizzes and tests generally serve as a testing tool to check our views and what we think about anger, that in turn helps us to analyze our behavior and get rid of issues related to anger. Hope you find these questions useful in understanding your anger problems.