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Anger Management Tips for Adults

Ujwal Deshmukh Mar 10, 2020
Anger is one of the biggest enemies of mankind. To understand some simple yet important ways to not let this enemy hurt yourself and others, you should try to find out the source of all this anger and try meditation every once in a while.
Anger!! The most dangerous and probably the most undesirable expression and sentiment of human emotions! Anger is a natural tendency in wild animals, in fact, it is their nature. But in humans, it is a learned expression. We tend to see angry people right from our childhood, and then develop the same in ourselves.
Anger, many a time, proves harmful for us as well as others. If not always physically, then surely our anger and unkind words will hurt the person in front of us. Anger is a result of many different conditions, however, the intensity of anger depends from person to person and situation to situation.
Anger is caused due to frustration, ego, self-centered behavior, pressure, mental stress, and fear or a feeling of insecurity. Some people are believed to get angry over anything. Therefore, although these are some commonly derived conclusions, each and every one of us have our reasons for getting angry.
But is there are any way to control our anger? Perhaps the best way is self-control! I agree, it is not easy for everyone, but self-control is certainly amongst the best anger management strategies for both adults and children. Besides this basic solution, are there any more anger management tips and techniques? Yes definitely.
Here are some of them explained in brief. The following are some anger management tips for children and adults as well. Before going on to discuss the tips, I would say that these tips would not completely nullify your anger, but of course, these would help in decreasing it up to a large extent, which will prove very useful in the long run too.
Ever though all of us are different and every situation is different, these tips will one way or the other help a person to overcome the problem of anger and get a hold on any situation at hand.

Find out What and Why

Anger is an expression that takes charge of our body's physical and mental controls, and unknowingly compels us to behave rudely and wildly!
You know how dangerous such a behavior can turn out to be. So to avoid such situations, we need to find out the exact cause of our anger. Of course, this is impossible when one is actually angry, as then we won't be in a condition to understand and analyze anything.
Nevertheless, try this out when you are cool, silent, calm, and perhaps when there's no one around you. Find out what actually makes you angry! Recall some situation from the past and find out what exactly made you feel angry and why. Identify some more instances and things that made / make you angry.
Make a note of all such things in a notebook. Start with your home and family. Further, think about the workplace, health club, parties, etc. There is a reason for everything, so find it out.

Try to Stay Silent

Frankly speaking, this is not easy at all. I mean, just telling someone to stay silent in an angry situation is very easy, however, being actually silent on such an occasions is not everyone's cup of tea.
However, try to be silent. Or, if you find it difficult to stay silent, straight away walk out of the place and sit alone for some time. Listen to your favorite music, go out for a walk, but make sure you are miles away from the source of anger, if not physically then at least mentally.

Control the Situation

As I have said earlier, anger is such a powerful expression that it controls your entire body, mind and soul. But here, in the conquest of winning over anger, you need to control the situation and not let the situation control you by making you angry, yell, and doing weird things which you will regret later.
Controlling the situation is not that easy, but once you learn to remain silent on angry occasions, you are already half way there.
Now you just need to go into the situation and resume your work or else try to sort out the matter, with loads of assertive and WIN - WIN thoughts in mind. Trying to be silent and keeping your senses cool is the most effective technique of controlling the situation from becoming worse.

Alter the Thought Pattern

Often at our workplace, we get angry when we are told something negative by our superiors after committing some sort of error. This results in a long self-centered process, where 'I' is the most important issue.
However, on such occasions, try to change your thought pattern for sometime, and think of 'him' instead of 'I'! Put yourself in the person's shoes and then look towards the entire scenario.
Visualize the situation from a greater height, where you'll be able to view a larger picture and see all others that would get affected because of your rude and angry behavior. You'll realize your potential mistake within hours, if not minutes. But I'm sure you will at some point of time.
Realizing your mistake itself is a great achievement, and this will control your anger on similar situations in the future. This same thing is applicable for situations at home and in our personal lives too.


If you are the kind of person who has a short temper gets angry quite often, then maybe you should try meditating.
Not many people try this, but it works wonders. Meditation also lets you discover your inner self, and besides controlling your anger, you will be able to discover the many news things that you can achieve because of your new-found calm nature. It will also help you to handle tense situations better and always come out on top.

More Tips To Control Anger

Apart from these anger management tips, you can also try some techniques such as stopping your thought process and breathing deeply for 2 - 3 minutes, or you could just head for a physical activity that will calm you down. The above said anger management tips would sound a bit advanced for children.
Therefore, as a parent, it is your duty to make him or her understand the importance of all these tips. Many a time, conditional love is the main reason for anger and frustration in children. In such cases, ensure that you do not frequently lay conditions before them while promising something.
Sometimes, bringing out the anger and feelings is a good technique too. Let all the anger come out of your child, leave him alone for sometime, but also keep an eye on him as he can hurt himself in this process. Take them for a ride or a walk, or just convince them to play with you, and this would definitely help them forget all their anger.
Although anger is said to be a dangerous expression, it is not always bad. Expressing your anger over something becomes necessary sometimes, and believe me, controlled anger on the right occasions definitely works wonders.
So follow the above said anger management tips, and try to control your anger. Remember, beyond anger there is nothing but repenting on mistakes made.