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Activities to Improve Auditory Memory

What is auditory memory? How can it be improved? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this article will be useful to you. Have a look...
Rahul Pandita
Auditory memory is the ability of an individual to remember what he or she hears. There are some people who can remember the minutest details of a conversation, while some find it a bit difficult to remember what was being discussed. This is due to the difference in the auditory memories. it is something very important for children as they are in their learning stages, and if they cannot remember what their teachers and parents are teaching, it can create problems in their development.
The students will experience difficulty in developing a clear understanding of words, and may take a longer time to process and recall information. But as parents, you do not need to worry, as there are several memory games which can help improve your child's auditory memory.

Auditory Memory Activities

Before you start off, it is very important that you ensure that you have made all the preparations for an optimal setting. The room in which you are going to conduct these activities should be free from any kind of noises and other visual disturbances. The aim should be to hold the focus for longer periods of time, so any kind of disturbance will interfere with your kid's concentration levels.
  • You can make your child repeat whatever you have said to him. You can start it out by saying three words at a time and with time you can increase the words. You can read out the names of animals, plants etc, and tell your child to repeat it. For example, 'john', 'cheetah', 'rose'. Once your child gets it right, you can add the fourth word and so on.

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  • Once your child has mastered the first level, you can make the learning a little more practical by telling him to remember his name, address, telephone number, date of birth, father's name etc. You can help him remember this information, by reading it loudly to your child. Ensure that the child is able to repeat all this information sequentially.
  • Another activity is to help your child categorize things. Categorization helps in remembering things in a more efficient way. So, while carrying out an activity, tell your child to say things of one group at one time.
  • For example, fruits, vegetables, meat in one group and pen, paper, books in another group. This way, the child will be able to create a word picture of the thing while remembering it at the same time.
  • You can tell your child to repeat the instructions and carry them out as well. This tests the duration up to which level the child can remember information.
  • You can also read a short-story to your child and then tell them to repeat the story or you can ask them certain questions at the end.
  • You can tell your child several items that need to be bought from the supermarket and then take the child along with you and see how many things is he able to help you with.
  • Ask the child about the events of the previous day and see how much he is able to remember. Again encourage him to remember the events sequentially.
  • You can make learning fun for your child by saying some sentences which have a silly meaning to them, like "the cars run on water" or "the horse got a flat tire today". This allows your kids to feel relaxed and also give a humorous touch to the whole exercise.
  • There are several audio books available in the market which help in improving the auditory memory of children. You can take the help of these audio books and monitor your child's progress.
These were some of the activities which can help in improving the auditory memory of a child. These exercises are not limited to children only, but grown-ups and adults too can take the help of these activities to improve their memory. Researchers also advise that people who find it a little difficult to memorize things should get enough sleep.