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Existential Crisis

Kundan Pandey Aug 5, 2020
An existential crisis can be a harrowing, chastening experience. How can one handle these crises? Here are some tips and advice...
An existential crisis is a state where we question fundamental tenets about life and its meaning, arising from angst, anger, despair, failure, or due to any event that triggers our hearts and minds, to a point where our existence becomes dilute.
Life appears worthless and a plethora of questions haunt us. Loneliness, desolation, and solitude become part and parcel of life. Those who lose their composure in this phase may fall into severe depression, making their life even more miserable.
The loss of a loves one, failure of a marriage or relationship, separation, drug abuse, failure in business or any such endeavors, violence, crime, or any experience that hurts an individual to the core, are some causes of existential crises.
Sometimes, a midlife crisis is also called an existential crisis, wherein a person, having achieved his/her professional and personal aims, seems to have lost the purpose of life. Nothing is more confusing than being caught in this paradox of living a life that seems devoid of any meaning.
Is dealing with existential crisis very difficult? Certainly, it is extremely difficult to be positive and stay happy in cases of depression that shake up the existence, but then if we don't make conscious efforts to improve our situation, there is no point of being human, or indeed alive! Here's my take on dealing with existential crises.

Dealing With An Existential Crisis

  • Accept that the crisis is not inherently bad. If analyzed carefully, it can help you question and redirect your life, and the way you live it. 
Be optimistic about it, and take valuable lessons as they come. Remember, being unhappy and pessimistic about life is not a healthy state of existence. It is not always possible to remain happy but we can try.
Take a counseling therapy or talk to your elders. They have lived a life far longer than yours. Seek help; it is always there.
  • Try to learn from life. If a bad experience made you pessimistic, think of 10 other positive experiences you had! That's the way to look at life! To state it precisely, count your blessings, and be thankful.
  • Learn to see the funny side of life. Being too serious isn't going to help you. Philosophers have made life very serious, but all of them agreed that humor must play a large role in life.
  • Some questions require a long time to be answered properly. Open your mind, live life and try to learn from it. Don't stay stuck on questions that block the flow of life.
  • If you've been unhappy, try to feel the love surrounding you.
  • There's no ultimate answer to life. It is mysterious, and as you go on, it unravels its mysteries. Live them, experience them!
  • Existentialism, in its essence, is nothing but our ability to create and shape our life. It is a more realistic approach to life than merely being a puppet in the hands of an ulterior power.
I hope you have got some idea about this inevitable phase of life. There is no need to panic about your situation; it is just a phase that, if properly utilized, can help you evolve into a much stronger and more resilient being.