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Habits of Highly Organized People

Mukta Gaikwad
Habits are those useful tools that assist our daily functioning. They are a huge component of our daily routine. We'll take a look at the habits of highly organized people. These habits also pose as a few valuable lessons applicable in areas of self-improvement.
"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference." ~ Aristotle
Busy lives teach us the importance of time and its value as a resource. Given its scarcity, organization becomes the only way of using it to the optimum level. To some, this learning becomes the turning point in honing their organizational skills and creating some of the noteworthy habits out of it.
The habits of highly organized people show detailing to the smallest of thought, proactive method of planning, and execution to an absolute perfection.
These individuals never falter at being punctual and presentable. The exact organization of their everyday tasks is so perfect that they reach their deadlines with ample of buffer and margin of time to re-check what they have done. Many a time, this high order of organization is also a reflection of their own personal life.
They have coherent thoughts, proper arrangement in presenting those thoughts, and a detailed plan of executing the same. A large part of this behavior stems from the urge to quickly move towards the determined goal than to waste time looking for it.
As, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who went on to become the pioneer aviator from an impoverished aristocrat once said, "a goal without a plan is just a wish".
There are 7 striking habits of highly organized people that are definitely worthy of a few lessons. These habits not only make lives simpler and easier to live, but also reduce stress caused by copious amounts of disorganization.
Place for Everything
There is always a place of every object they own.
From home decor items to smallest utility objects such as a scissor, the highly organized people make an appropriate space of everything.Thus, everything is kept at its place and will always be found there.
There never arises a circumstance to look for car keys or house keys there is a race against time. This idea perpetrates from the need to save time and make their space look always clean.
Decluttering and Donating
These set of people do not like to keep unnecessary things with them, be it clothes, accessories, makeup or toys.
Hence, every month they will happily indulge in some spring cleaning and give away items which are no longer needed or in use. This way, they create some space for new items and give away things to those who need it. Decluttering and donating the space is also a way of organizing things better, as the number of items to be looked after are less.
Every Chore is Written Down
The organized lot truly believes every task is important. Be it buying groceries or completing a task on deadline, every task is given equal importance.
Thus, they write down everything that needs to be done. This to-do list is a good way of keeping a track of - things to be done, things done, and those things which require a follow-up. This way, they save their effort of memorizing and use the brain power in executing the task to perfection.
Clean Spaces
Another characteristic of an extremely organized person is the need to have clean and clear flat surfaces.
Notice how most of us simply dump our bags, keys, ties, and other sundry items on counters, tables, and desks? Well, these guys don't! And these guys don't even shove the stuff in drawers underneath the counters. Since they have a space for every little thing, it goes in its rightful place. A clean space is a definite habit of an organized person.
Proper Planning
While throwing a party, we are all running around till the last moment to arrange for paper napkins, disposables, and other such miscellaneous items.
But the habit of an incredibly organized person is to plan everything to its tiniest of details. No job - however big or small - is ever done without a plan. This way, every part of planning is done and the goal is achieved with calm and composure.
Exact Documentation
There are times when we have to go back to our old bills, receipts, or certificates.
And it is at this moment that you do not find it! The urgency of the item is directly related to the inability to find it. However, the contrary is true with an organized person. Organized people file important documents and label them as per categories.
No Procrastination
Super-organized people do not procrastinate. When they need to get something done, they just do it.
Their task lists, planning, and documentation serve as good reminders of getting the job done! They never miss a deadline and work as per schedule to grab every opportunity that they can.
They are always punctual and hate to wait beyond the given time. This behavior essentially stems from valuing time as a limited resource. They truly believe in making most of whatever time they have.
Labeling shelves, jars in the kitchen, prioritizing, and managing time are some more important things to be considered while honing your organization skills. Incorporating these simple things is very easy, as they are a part of our routine.
So, one does not have to go out of their way to make this effort. Thus, these seven habits of highly organized people are pointers for leading well-managed life that is devoid of confusion.