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How to Be Charming

Rahul Thadani Apr 13, 2020
When an individual, man or woman, possesses an attractive personality, he/she can be considered as charming. In this story, we will be discussing some essential points on how your natural charm can be developed.
Many people have often wondered how they can be charming, and at times received a resolute answer that deters them away from the whole concept. To be charming means to possess an attractive and magnetic personality. There is a wide misconception that men need to possess this quality in order to attract women, but looking at it from a bigger perspective, it becomes clear that any individual who has a nice and pleasing personality can be deemed charming.
There are no guaranteed tricks you can try, and many people often keep searching for that elusive secret. Simply possessing an agreeable, pleasing, cheerful, optimistic, and appreciative personality can do the trick. Not everyone is born with a strong sense of charm. In fact, some people are even said to possess a repelling personality.
On the other hand, charm is something that can be honed and improved through the course of one's life. Making small changes in your attitude can make you charismatic and can kick start the process of personality development.

Ways to Be Charming

Every individual has a certain degree of charm that they are born with. These people always attract others instinctively, making them the center of attention. They have the ability to lighten everyone's mood and lift their spirits with a few words.

Be Polite

If you want to learn to be charming you have to learn the art of politeness. Nobody likes a person who is rude and grumpy all the time, and if you are cordial and polite to people around you they will obviously appreciate your presence.
It does not hurt to be polite and this in turn evokes feelings of politeness in other people as well. Once this process has begun you will soon notice that everyone around you has developed a newfound degree of politeness as well.

Show Empathy

Show empathy to your fellow human beings. Do not judge them or feel sorry for them. Learn to respect everyone's freedom and their choices, and instead of passing harsh judgment about them, understand what they are going through instead. When a person is going through a tough time they want a listening ear, not a ranting mouth.

Be Genuine and Sincere

Sincerity is the key. If you are fake politeness and empathy, it will show through sooner or later. If you genuinely wish to win people over, you need to feel what you say to them. Do not try to sugarcoat things, and do not be compelled to pay unnecessary compliments just for the sake of doing so.

Be Witty

The most charming men and women have the inherent ability to make people laugh. To achieve this, you need to be open minded and be able to laugh at yourself, and also be well read at the same time. Everyone loves to be around witty people as they can greatly lift the doom and gloom in everyone's lives. Be in good spirits, always!

Be Optimistic

This quality goes hand-in-hand with being witty. Learn to look at the brighter side of things, and the world will be a better place. If you want to be known as charming you have to be able to convince people that no matter how bad things may seem at the present moment, it will only always get better.

Look Good

Personal grooming and appearance play a bigger role in this regard than most of us assume. Though it is not the most important thing, it does have a certain effect. Make extra attempts to look as good as possible. Try doing this without being vain, conceited and flashy, and the world around you will appreciate that.

Be Confident

Last, but not the least, be comfortable in your own skin. You can't go around spreading joy and happiness in other people's lives, if you are constantly fretting and obsessing about your own personality. Make the right choices, and have faith and confidence that you have made the best decisions.
Keep all these pointers in mind and do it all with a smile on your face. Sooner or later people will begin to notice the positivity that accompanies you and they will be more attracted towards you. The point is not simply to attract more people towards you, it is more concerned with living a healthy and positive life and spreading that feeling to everyone around you.