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How to Be More Assertive

Kundan Pandey
Assertiveness is an essential trait in your personality that helps you to not feel neglected. It's about showing mutual respect, putting forward your point of view without offending the other person.
Are you tired of getting pushed over in the line or dominated by people in arguments? Do you feel like you're not heard just because you're not assertive enough to speak for yourself? If these are the cases affecting you, then you need to focus on developing assertiveness in your personality.
Learning to be more assertive is all about respecting your rights, beliefs, and values, while respecting the rights of others at the same time. There are several ways to be more assertive.

Being Assertive is a Good Quality

Before learning some simple tips on being assertive, you have to understand that assertiveness is a must needed quality in your personality. Be it in school, college, work, business, or relationships, you've got to be assertive to express yourself positively.
It is all about enjoying your rights, expressing your beliefs, asking for what you desire and want, stating your views with integrity, originality, purpose, and respect for others. Speaking for yourself is important so that you're not treated negatively or people don't assume that you are unable to stand for yourself.

Personality Grooming is Crucial

To be assertive, you've got to be confident. Develop self-confidence as that is the key to groom your personality. Your personality is the first thing that creates an impression about you in front of other people. Hence, ensure that you dress smartly and you communicate in an excellent way.
Don't mumble or sound like a pessimistic person. Speak with confidence. Improve your personality by following self improvement techniques. An imposing personality itself creates a positive impression.

Say What You Want

Without being aggressive or beating about the bush, express your desires and needs wherever required. Don't be silent and wait for the last minute. The key is to express yourself.

Improve Your Body Language

Body language plays an important role in non verbal communication. Hold eye contact when you're talking to someone especially in relationships and at work place. Exercise self control. Keep facial expressions and tone under control. In learning how to be assertive, you've got to work on your body language. Keeping oneself fit and healthy helps to boost morale and increase self-confidence.

Don't Apologize Too Much

Most of us are very eager to say sorry. Yeah, it's a common habit to be very soft even when the mistake has been made by others. Learning to drop apologies is an effective way to learn how to be assertive. Most of us always say "I'm sorry", even when it's least required.

Draw a Boundary

You can't possibly keep molding, compromising, and challenging your beliefs and ideas just because your close friends ask you to do so. Relationships are to cherish and not to negatively dominate or get dominated. Be it your friends, colleagues, and even people close to you, if they're always expecting a 'yes' from you, even when you're not in a mood to say so, you must learn to say no. Set limitations for people so that they don't erode your peace of mind.

Get Your Facts Correct

If your facts and figures are correct and backed by sources, it gives you confidence and helps you to increase assertiveness. This gives you a lot of value in arguments, as you can prove any claims or support your results with concrete examples.

You Can't Please Everyone

In learning to be more assertive, you've got to understand that you can't please everyone. In an attempt to please everyone, you will always be unhappy. Learning to say 'no' is an important personality trait. Always keep it in mind that you're not obliged to make everyone happy and please them. All you can do is to give your best. It's difficult to please everyone.
Once you develop the habit of standing for yourself, you will find that your confidence to be more assertive has increased. Women must especially learn assertiveness in relationships. An assertive woman, who knows what her needs, desires, and expectations from the relationship are, can take the relationship ahead with confidence.
Two assertive people will not only discuss issues, they may often reach to very profitable conclusions. So no matter what, learn to be more assertive in order to lead a happier life.