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How to Become a Better Person

Charlie S Mar 5, 2020
Humans are bound to commit mistakes and if realized soon, then there is always a room for improvement. Changes are inevitable and are always invited, if done for the betterment. If you are looking to be a better person, then here is a useful guide for you.
It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. ~ Buddha
With this world full of evil distractions, we often get lost and forget the basic human nature. We get ourselves so much into the crust that the layer vanishes without we noticing the effect. With time, we realize and look for improvement, but that has to come from within, and for that you don't need any guidance from any person.
Changes can be applied only if you really want to bring about a change in yourself. In order to be a better person, there are certain things that you must apply in your day-to-day life.

Good Morals to Imbibe

Right or Wrong

Knowing to differentiate between right and wrong is what sets a man apart from animals. A man who can clearly figure out the good and the bad strives to become a good human being, and sets a good example for the society.

Absorb Good Values

Try observing people you respect and love. Observe their qualities and traits (that impress you) and what is it that makes them stand apart from others. Implement them in yourself to become a better person.

Company Matters

There is a famous quote that rightly says, "You're judged by the company you keep." If you're in good company, you are bound to inculcate all good values, whereas being in the wrong company will always land you in trouble, and make you perform wrong deeds.

Watch Your Words

Bible (Proverbs 17:27,28) says "Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles."
Choose your words carefully, as words once spoken cannot be taken back. You should always think before you speak, because speaking in a rude manner may hurt people. Try to be soft with your words, as that will definitely make people like you, and people, in turn, will reciprocate it in the same way.

Be Optimistic

You should always think positive however bad a situation you are in. Thinking positively will help you remain calm, and you can at least work your way out of a bad situation.

Never Complain

Stop complaining about every single thing around you, and start thanking God for what you have. You should feel blessed with your life, as there are many out there who are deprived of several basic needs and are finding it tough to make ends meet.

Unwanted Remarks

Criticizing or being too point-blank often hurts the sentiments of others. Before pointing fingers at others, you should first look at yourself. If you don't like a person's work or attire or anything related to his physical appearance, then you should never pass comments, as it is none of your business to judge others.
Pointing out at weaknesses makes things worse; there's always a way to say such things that might not make people feel offended.


Try to put yourself in the shoes of others, and it will aid you in understanding people better. Being empathetic always makes relationships better, as you are successful in understanding the feelings of others, which in turn will strengthen your relationships.

Be Helpful

Humans are social animals, and they need to stay connected to people around them. Whenever we face troubles, after our parents it is our friends who help and support us without laying any terms and conditions. We should always try to be beside a friend who needs our help.

Compliment Others

When you meet someone and there is something nice about the person that strikes you, then let the person know about it. Try to get into a habit of giving genuine compliments, and not fake ones.

Never Badmouth Others

Never speak ill of people behind their back, because this is the worst thing that you can do to hurt a person. If you don't like anything about a person, then try to tell him directly in a nice and subtle manner, or else better keep it to yourself.

Don't Jump to Conclusions

You should never make conclusions about a person based on few things that you see. Also, don't listen to what others have to say about a particular person. Give some time and judge the person on your own. Stay away from passing judgments on others' character, as you have no right to do so.

Don't Be a Hypocrite

You should never discriminate between people based on financial status, religion, language, nationality, gender, age, or social status. Learn to give equal treatment to all.

Respect Others

Everyone deserves the same respect irrespective of their status or position. If you give respect to others, you will get the same in return.

Be Organized

Managing yourself is very important. The state of your lifestyle reflects how organized you are. A disorganized or a messy person is never liked by people. Being organized creates stability in your lifestyle, thereby helping you to live a disciplined life.

Start Forgiving

Bury the hatchet with someone you had grievances with, in the past. Life is too short to hold grudges, so let go of your anger and forgive the person. You will be surprised to see how this step of yours will help you to grow in life and be a better person.

Identify Your Mistakes

If you wish to become a better person, then you should definitely learn to identify your mistakes. Think of those things which you do in your day-to-day life that is not liked by others around you.
One of the most important tips to become a better person is to analyze the mistakes and try to avoid them as far as possible. Remember, this is not an easy job, it requires a lot of patience and courage to change yourself.

Apologize for Your Mistakes

One of the best ways of becoming a better person in a relationship is to apologize for your past mistakes.
By doing so, you can give an impression to your closed ones that you are willing to change. If you do not apologize, then you will always be ridiculed in the society for being a person who is egoistic and badly behaved. By saying sorry to those whom you have hurt, you can hope to get a second chance to prove that you are as good as the others.

Make Your Present Better

Forgetting the past misbehavior and thinking about the present and the future is one of the best ways to become a better person. This is because, it is impossible for you to change the past. However, by doing good things in the present, you can definitely secure your future. So, start your life afresh and pledge to go on the path of honesty and sincerity.

Start Meditating

Meditation helps in discovering the spiritual side of your life.

Live Life to the Fullest

Try to enjoy every moment of your life.

Make Changes Slowly

Transforming into a better person is a process that will take time. To make changes in yourself, you need to inculcate the good habits one at a time, and once you get into the flow of habits, the brain will follow.

Attempt These Today

In pursuance to become a better person you need to be determined and loyal to yourself.
"Time and tide wait for none", so don't sit back and wait for the right time; instead get into action from today. Here is a list of things that you can try today, and observe the changes for yourself.
» Speak the truth. Try to be honest the entire day. By doing so, see how you would feel tomorrow.
» How often do you smile when you see someone? Smile at people, or even a stranger you meet, and you will get a smile in return. This act of yours will definitely give them a warm feeling.
» Be grateful. Say thank you to people who have invested time and effort in helping you out.
» Help old people in doing their chores whenever possible or in other ways like helping a needy to cross the road.
» Indulge yourself in something new, something that you have never done before.
» Call a friend with whom you have not been in contact for a long time. See how well they react. You and your long-lost friend are sure to be overjoyed by the sudden union.
» Try to ignore things, if they make you upset.
» Last but not the least, control your temper for a day and see the difference!
Becoming a better person is not at all difficult, it totally depends on you as to how you implement these attributes in your daily life.