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How to Become Smarter

Mukta Gaikwad
Everyone of us has a certain amount of genius present within us. This intellect can be harnessed if we realize our true aptitude and sharpen a specific skills set.
Being smarter, is not just about being smarter, than a 5th grader. It is a term which is relative to what you are comparing. Being smarter is just about presence of mind and intelligent use of the intellect. A smart person always leaves an indelible impression, wherever he goes. Let's take a look at what changes you need to bring about to wear a new attitude.

Know Your Skills

The fact of life is, one cannot be good at everything. And another important fact is, those who don't realize this, keep trying hard to get it. So, meanwhile, if you know, what are your best skills, put them to use. Practice makes a man (and even a woman) perfect.
If you are good at elocution, dramatics, sports, academics or arts, do the best that you can, to make the most of your potential. Excelling in a particular field, will bring you name, fame, and all the attention. So, pursue your real interests, to be smarter than the rest.


Serena Williams (we don't need any introductions here), has won 25 Grand Slams, by pursuing the sport, every breathing moment of her life.
Maybe she wasn't excellent at academics, but a dedicated effort towards pursuing what you are good at, does makes you smarter than the rest. So, here's your chance to do the best, capitalize on your potential and winning the highest point that you can.

Be Yourself

As young children, we have idols we look up to. It may be a social worker, a scientist, a revolutionary, our parents (in most cases), or a rock star.
But, to idolize, means, understanding their values and principal, their commitment towards their profession, and their undaunted efforts to carve an unbeatable niche for themselves. This should not be mistaken with being the person, we idolize. The more you try to imitate the person you look up to, bigger the fool, you will make out of yourself.
Being yourself, is the most simplest thing to do and since most of the people don't realize the value of this, you will stand out. The crux of the matter is to be original.

Unbiased Mind

A smart person is always looking for gaining knowledge. So, if you want to become smarter, be attentive! Utilize the time you spend in classrooms, by learning something new everyday, instead of sleeping or dozing off.
This will not only make you smarter than the rest in there, but also make you the teacher's pet. Most of us, while in school, waste time in grudges against professors and academic subjects. However, if you utilize the time in knowing the subject and the effort your professor is making towards teaching you the subject, you'll be wiser.
Being smart is, doing your job, and doing the best. To do it best, you first you need to know, what your job is. Thus, invest a little time in knowing what you have to do. So, as Shiv Khera, the motivational Guru puts it, "Winners don't do different things, they just do it differently"...you'll read between the lines, if you are smart!