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How to Control your Anger in a Relationship?

Rashida Khilawala Jul 17, 2020
A short temper can be a terrible ordeal, especially if one is not aware of how to control anger in a relationship. It is not really difficult to do so. We will help you out.
When two people are in each others environment a lot, there is bound to be a certain amount of friction. It is only natural. More so, the human tendency to be territorial makes all of us extra wary of our privacy, both, physically as well as emotionally.
How does one put their point across, without driving a dear one away? How does one learn to control anger in any relationship? The first step would be to read on patiently the anger management tips given further.

How to Curb Anger and Stress

Let's start from the basics. We are all linked to each other in some way or the other. In our regular interaction with people, there may be many things about them, that we don't really appreciate. Rather, these things may even be irritating us.
Not all things that make us angry lead to an outburst. It is when we let these small things accumulate, that we put ourselves in a position to have an outburst. So, how to abstain from these among friends?
Naturally, we all have tempers. As such, we also understand when the other is angry. The best thing to do when something angers you, is breathe. This is not to suppress your anger, but to discourage you from reacting immediately. Once your heart rate has come to a more stable level, explain in a calm way.
If your friend is annoying you by talking continuously when you need silence, tell him calmly that you are getting disturbed. If he cannot stop doing what he is doing, rather than losing it on him, get up and walk out. Get out of the situation that angers you.

How to Hold Back Anger at Work

Now we come a bit closer to your personal circle. We spend a major part of the day at work. Our colleagues become our friends, and sometimes, second family. When we spend so much time with each other, we tend to start expecting too much. More so, friction and job stress is inevitable. So, how do we manage to remain calm when someone angers us at work?
It is not very difficult. If someone at work is making it a mission of their life to anger you (which tends to happen in most offices), the best way to avenge your irritation is to avoid. It really works. When you are expected to scowl, give a big, warm smile.
If certain things are annoying you, don't pent up your emotions. This leads to increased frustration, and lack of motivation and professionalism at work. Confront the subject of your annoyance, and try to find out how you can make a truce. They stay out of your hair, and you spare them the temper.
If that point still comes to haunt your temper, stay calm, and focus on your work and targets. Take up jogging, or join a gym to vent out the frustration. This way, your temper won't be in your way at work.

Managing Anger in Personal Relationships

Now, we come to your personal circle. How to keep anger from destroying your relationship, especially when you have foot-in-the-mouth syndrome?
In any relationship, anger and stress is a given. The increase in anger is due to lack of communication. Follow a simple rule of empathy. If the other person is angry at you, put yourself in his shoes, and figure out why he is angry. This way, you will stop yourself from retaliating. More so, there are lesser chances that you will repeat the same mistake.
On the other hand, if someone has done something to anger you, put yourself in his position. Try to understand why and what he did. Did he do it to hurt you? Was it a mistake? This will help you figure out why and how to control anger. If it is for a loved one, anger can take a back seat. In case of the reason being bad moods, figure out how to avoid them.
When it comes to controlling your temper with kids, you need to know that patience is the key. The only solution to suppressing your anger is knowing that children are innocent. You need to be patient, yet stern. Don't lose your temper, but give them a small punishment to stop them from making the mistake again.
In a relationship, make it a point to avoid venting out your frustration on another person. Instead of making them the target, tell them why you are frustrated. This way, you will not only avoid a temper war, but also succeed in keeping your anger in check. It will also strengthen the bond that you share.
They say that anger is just a D away from danger. The massive destruction today can be blamed primarily on anger. It is this anger that blinds us from seeing sense or being patient. It has killed many, and wounded mother nature irreversibly. Hence, it is important to control anger, not just to save a relationship, but to save the world as well.