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How to Control Anger and Irritation

Bidisha Mukherjee
People who find it difficult to manage their fury should learn to how to control anger and irritation. This story provides information regarding the techniques that may help control these emotions to some extent.
Anger and irritation are very uncomfortable feelings which show up when we are in distress. We may feel angry and irritated at any point of time, for any reason, and on anybody. Every individual has a different mindset, and therefore each one of us have different reasons for getting angry. This emotion is not that bad as long as we are able control it; however, when it becomes uncontrollable, it may lead to a lot of problems.

Why and How to Control Fury?

Anger is a natural reaction which comes out when we feel that we have not been given a fair treatment. The positive side of this negative emotion is that it has helped us evolve as humans and cope in a better manner with our surroundings. However, it tends to become a problem when we fail to control it.
Many times, it happens that people who tend to get angry easily face problems in their relationships. Some people become so aggressive that they start physically abusing others. It may also have some adverse effect on the health.
We should learn to control our wrath so that it does not harm us or our beloved ones. The best solution is to avoid it. For this, you have to think rationally on the causes behind your fury. You may also keep your wrath in check by diverting your mind with reverse counting from ten to one, deep breathing, or just ignoring the situation.

How to Handle Stress?

Anger and stress are two such emotions that go hand in hand. Therefore, we need to control the underlying stress that often infuriates us.

Take Help from Others

If you feel that you are unable to manage your wrath, then it may frustrate you further. Therefore, discuss your problem with someone close to you, such as a friend or family member. This communication may help you find a solution for your problem. If required, take professional help without any hesitation.

Use Humor

There is no better stress reliever than humor. When you feel that stress is the actual cause of your rage, then you may use humor. It may help you look at difficult things in a lighter perspective, and you may feel nice about the things around you. However, take care that the humor is not sarcastic since it may further aggravate your wrath.

Think Positive

Rage tends to bring in a lot of negativity in our minds. Therefore, it becomes necessary to convert these negative thoughts in to positive ones. For this, you have to discard all the negative thoughts that are in your mind, one by one. This can be done with a lot of practice. Once you are able to achieve success, you need to maintain your focus only on the positive things in life.

Practice Meditation

This is an excellent anger-management technique. In the practice of meditation, we disconnect ourselves from the outer world and focus all our attention into the inner world. This has a soothing effect on the stressed out mind, and also helps us develop a sense of control over our racing thoughts that tend to irritate or infuriate us.

Channelize the Fury

When you feel anger brewing up within you, make some effort to redirect the energy towards something else. Some people may feel good if they involve in some sports activities like running while others may vent it out by screaming in a quiet place, or by hitting out at pillows.

How to Control Fury with Kids?

There are many things your kids may do, which may make you angry. Also, you may get infuriated if they not do certain things the way you want them to be done. The right approach to deal with this problem is to act patiently. Do not scold your child, rather talk to him/her politely.
Inform your child what are the things that made you very upset, and explain that you are not angry on him/her. Sometimes, your frustration on some other issues may lead to furious outbursts on your kids. Avoid this because they are innocent kids, and you must understand that they are not responsible for any such things.
Basically, you need to improve your tolerance and determination for controlling bad moods. However, do not be harsh upon yourself. It may take some time before your efforts start showing results. Till then, you need to keep practicing the aforementioned techniques.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.