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How to Gain Confidence

Mukta Gaikwad Jul 27, 2020
Confidence is a matter of attitude and perspective. Gaining the right amount of confidence can help you lead a life that you always wanted!
What is confidence? Confidence is a state of mind and a matter of attitude. Certain incidences make us over critical of our acts and behavior, which makes us overtly cautious. This is where we begin to lose our confidence.

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It's true that we must think twice before we speak and before we act, but it's equally true that if we spend all the time in thinking, we'll lose out on the opportunity. This is exactly what happens with people who lack confidence.

Look At Yourself

Men and women both, get critical beyond need about their looks. We often shy about approaching other people around for help or even for a casual conversation.
More than gaining confidence with others, it is first a question of how to gain confidence in yourself! To work towards self-improvement, look at yourself in the mirror and note every striking aspect about you. You may come across some negative and some positive points. Try to capitalize on the positive aspects about your self and enhance the negative ones.

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Positive Self Affirmations

Lots of office goers, have to face constant and sometimes irrelevant criticism at work. The truth is, bitching, gossiping and back stabbing are a regular phenomenon at workplaces. Yes, and all of this does get you down. Positive self affirmations, are positive statements about yourself.
Make a list of these affirmations and put them a soft board near your desk. Whether in office, or in school, your competition is not with other people. You have to compete with yourself to do better than what you did yesterday. Remember, thinking positive always helps!

Jettison Your Fears

Fear sometimes is a good way of reaching your targets. However, when these fears become a part and parcel of your day-to-day activities, confidence loses its way
For instance, one of the partners in a relationship, may fear losing the other and subject himself/herself to unreasonable demands. The partner, may refuse to open up, owing to some fear. In case you relate to such a case, then learn to love yourself better before declaring your love for someone else.
Living in a self-doubt is no way of living. Loving yourself gives you a chance to be comfortable in your own skin and helps you to understand yourself better, too.

Self Motivation

Self motivation is the only key out of your dungeon of despair, because no one can help you unless you help yourself.
Everything said and done, no confidence can only be transformed to oodles of confidence if you work towards it, and for that, motivation is an important aspect.
Motivate yourself to meet other people, talk to other people, express your opinions, deal with your insecurities and throw your fears because lack of confidence is just a matter of perception. If you perceive yourself to be confident, then you've answered the question already!
Lack of confidence may be due to some failures or setbacks in life. However, that's your history and its new chapter begins everyday with you. Shut out what happened yesterday and let it go, for future is yours to make with the present that you have today, in this very moment.