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How to Not Be Self-Conscious

Divya Bichu
The feeling of "everyone looking at oneself" is associated with self-consciousness. This unpleasant feeling can hamper productivity and make you habitually more self-conscious than others. However, here are some tips on how to not be self-conscious.
The very feeling of self-consciousness interferes with your every day life tagging you as an introvert or a shy person. It is an acute feeling of self-obsession. These people tend to suppress their feelings and opinions thinking about how others will judge them.
The main culprit to such feelings is "your thinking." Self-conscious people are always critiquing every thought, action and word of theirs. This results into developing low self-esteem and lack of faith in your own abilities.
However, some psychologists are of the opinion that self-conscious people know themselves objectively and thus, may develop a separate identity for themselves. But, in most of the cases self-conscious people are self-absorbed and usually have a negative context to it. This tells us in detail about how to get over the feeling of self-consciousness.

How to Overcome Self-Consciousness

"Why can't I be like her/him"... Be yourself

No five fingers are alike, in the same way no two people are alike. Every body is different and unique, in some way or the other.
There cannot be a different you, so love yourself and accept yourself the way you are. You don't need to ape anybody, because you're special and rare in your way. Stop looking down on yourself and never shelter insecurities. People should love you for the way you are and not for what they want you to be like!

"Am I good at it?" - Self improvement

In case you think you falter somewhere or you can do better with some task. Very good! In the first place it is a big deal to have accepted or realized what you lack at. It is time to improve now.
Remember it is never too late. And self-improvement is something that is not defined by age, if you think this is where you go wrong, take the initiative and improve yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for help in case you need it!

"If I do this how will people judge me" - Stop thinking too much

The problem with self-conscious people is they think too much; look up the word narcissism to understand what we say. Relax. You are not the only one are thinking about.
If you think you should do things in a certain way, do it! Don't think of what others will say and how will they react. It is their problem, leave it to them. You concentrate on what you are doing, see that you do full justice to it!

Build your self-confidence...

Being confident is one of the basic essence of not being self-conscious. The power of confidence is such that if you lie confidently, the opponent is bound to believe you as if it is the most factual fact.
The point we are trying to make here is confident people always get things done their way because they are better at skills needed to influence others. If you say, "I am naturally not a confident person."  RUBBISH. Every body has natural confidence in them, it is just about choosing your behavior with implicit trust in it.

"When you are mocked at"...Be a sport

When you are made fun of, be a sport take it in the right stride. Enjoy it and participate in the whole act. However, forget it once the session is over, don't keep pondering over it.
Nobody means to hurt you or out laugh at your clumsiness, it is all just a part of having fun. Remember, when you try your hand at mocking, do not depreciate someone. It all ought to be in a witty yet humble way!

NEVER compare yourself with others...

Do you have yourself compare with airbrushed models in the magazines? Is everyone around you picture perfect? Are you convinced that no else has flaws or twitches?... Will you please turn that attitude of self-criticism off.
Never compare yourself with others. There are a number of things you can do and they can't. You are different and unique. If at all you want to compete; let your competition be with your self. Try to better your self every time. Be contented with what you have but not with what you are!

Be realistic...

People's comments about you are only opinions take them in and then let them go. How much importance has to be given to a person's comment, is to be decided by you. Stop pondering over petty issues and learn how to balance your perspectives.
This might have you look at issues with a realistic approach. Everything that happens or doesn't, is not always about you. Get a life everything doesn't revolve around you, get that out of your mind as soon as possible!
Whatever you do make sure to believe in yourself and be confident about the same, rest will be taken care of. Finally be yourself, accept yourself the way you are rather than being over critical and embrace every situation (bad or good) with confidence!
"No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning." - Barbara De Angelis