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How to Organize Your Life

Geeta Dhavale Apr 14, 2020
Do you think your life is messed up, both literally and figuratively? This story tells you how to organize your life and set it in order.
Does your routine include getting up early in the morning, getting the kids ready for school, holding the sandwich in one hand and trying to drive your car with the other, still reaching office late, not finding the important documents on the table, struggling to meet the target, picking up kids from school, doing the pending office work at home.
Also gobbling down dinner, and finally going to sleep, without even noticing how your spouse looks after living with you for so many years? No wonder you keep forgetting to pay the light bills, to attend your kid's fancy dress competition and even your own wedding anniversary!
If this describes your daily schedule, then you seriously need to organize your life. Here are some promising ways to bring order to your life and get rid of the clutter. It just needs some practice and willingness.
Organizing your life involves some concrete steps, such as adhering to certain simple rules and optimal utilization of available time. Given below are some of the ways that will certainly help you.
Do Not Use Your Memory Too Much: Undoubtedly, many of you have an awesome memory, but it is advisable to keep a pen and small notebook with you all the time. All you have to do is just enter all the important things, that you come across throughout the day, in the notebook.
This notebook can also come in handy when you suddenly remember an important thing while shopping for grocery in the supermarket. This habit of noting things down can come to the rescue when your memory just refuses to recall.
Everything Has Its Place: If you are wondering how to reduce clutter, being neat and tidy is the only answer. So, always try to keep everything, every piece of paper, and document at its assigned place. This way, you won't have to dig up the mountain of cluttered files to find a single small paper. Keeping things in their place, every time, also saves a lot of time wasted in searching for them later.
Time Yourself: Using the time constructively and smartly is very important when it comes to getting organized. Avoid wasting time on unproductive things, such as watching television, gossiping, daydreaming, lazing around, or just succumbing to procrastination. You can keep aside weekends for such things. On the other days, try to finish work on time so that you avoid last minute stress.
Live As If There Is No Tomorrow: Just modify this phrase a bit: organize everything as if there is no tomorrow. Do not postpone urgent and necessary things for the next day. In fact, try to complete all the important tasks first, even if they are boring. By doing this, you will instantly get a sense of accomplishment, motivating you to perform further tasks. It is an easy process if you are determined to make every moment count.
Use Organizing Tools Effectively: Make good use of the calendars, planners, and reminders at home or in your cell phone. Keep a reminder to pay the bills on your way to the office, so as you get into your car, you will know where to head. Calendars also help you in organizing your life. They help you keep track of upcoming events that you must remember. Planning your week in advance is of utmost importance.
United We Stand: Do not try to be the messiah and finish all the tasks alone. Try to complete the housekeeping chores by involving your kids and spouse. Assign some tasks to them; this will transform the work into a fun activity instead. It will also help you spend some time with the kids and other family members.
Relax: Take a look at yourself! Your mind is always stressed, tired, and full of chaos, which further adds to the ruckus in your life. So, treat it with at least one hour of leisure, everyday. Listen to music, indulge in a hobby, dance, exercise, or do whatever that lets you relax and unwind. A sound mind will help you organize your life better by allowing you to take the right decisions at the right time.
Let us hope, you have realized that it is just a matter of practice and habit. Surely, the above ideas will help you clean the mess out of your life and provide you with an organized way of managing time. So, try following them and you will see the change within you.