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How to Start Living in the Moment

Prachi Patkar Feb 27, 2020
Very often, we find ourselves in the midst of troubles and heartaches. This is because of the fact that we cannot stop thinking about our past and worrying about our future. This story helps you with some easy tips telling you how to become a minimalist and live in the moment.
"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."
Gautam Buddha
We get so busy with our lives that we forget to enjoy the small things which matter a lot. Slowly and steadily, the bond between our mind and soul gets blurred. All this happens without our knowledge. Seldom do we realize that happiness comes to those who work hard to accomplish it.
Our thoughts, perception, ideas, contemplation, etc., all govern our happiness. Our mind creates a sketch from its thoughts. Hence, we are the artists and sculptors of our own lives, and thus, solely responsible for any good or bad happening to us.
While life is not a fairy tale, it can be made fairly happening. To live in the present, ask yourself these questions before you think of anything else
  • What is that we are holding in?
  • Are our actions giving us pain and sorrow?
  • Why do we suppress our feelings?
  • Are we ignoring our happiness?
  • Can we decide what our life should be like?
  • Is our age restricting us?
When you are capable of answering these questions, you are all set for rejuvenation.
Being minimalistic means living in the present. It is the key to our peace and happiness. Living in the moment makes us realize the worth of each instance of life. Only when we know the worth of each moment, can we focus on it and balance our energy.
Whether eating, sleeping, or reading, each moment of every activity deserves our full concentration and involvement. Remember that the past is for learning from your mistakes, such that you are prepared for the future.
Once learned, stop thinking about your past because it doesn't exist anymore, and stop worrying about your future as it hasn't arrived yet. Why not only think of what's with us at this moment?

Ways to Calm Your Mind and Live in the Moment

Listed below are some ways that can help calm your mind, increase awareness about your present and enable you to live and enjoy the moment. They are also a great guide to experiencing inner peace and facing reality.

Start Your Day With a Smile

A smile may not solve all the problems in life, but will certainly give you the right start and attitude to overcome them. Starting your day with a smile will enable you to deal with any situation that comes your way. Wear that smile!

Meditation for Self-realization

Meditating near a river or a beach listening to the sound of water can be immensely gratifying. Being with yourself, away from your thoughts is meditating too.

Let Go of Your Thoughts

Remember that our thoughts are just a component of ourselves, not our entire selves. Sometimes, the mind may act dormant and stop processing your thoughts for a while. Do not feel empty or despicable. Just relax and let go!

Focus on the Task

Undivided attention to any task yields success. Even if you are reading a book, indulge in the words such that you forget the world besides you. Immerse yourself, try it.

See Life like a Movie

Imagine that you are watching a play or a movie in a theater. You watch the movie with full attention as no scene will be repeated. Similarly, witness each moment like a scene from the movie. Watch playfully!

Be Kind to Those Around You

Kindness and empathy helps to develop the humanity in you. Help all those around you and be loved. Being a do-gooder and doing small acts of kindness, makes each moment incredible and valuable.

Observe the Beauty of Nature

Nature is the most beautiful creation of God. Chirping birds, flowing water, picturesque landscapes all please us. On a sunny morning, wake up early, well before sunrise, go on a long walk all by yourself to admire nature at its best.

Dance to the Tune of Music

Music pops out our jolly side. Play your favorite tunes, which make you cheerful. Dance without a care. Relieve your mind of any thoughts, forget who is or may be watching you. Play some music and shake a leg!

Be the Self God Intended You to Be

Nobody is perfect. It is okay to behave the way your mind and soul directs you to. Don't forget that you are special the way you are. Make sure you don't change your behavior to please anyone, nor do you hurt anyone. Just be yourself!

Heedfulness and Concentration

Perform the smallest of tasks with utter concentration and focus. This not only brings out the best in you, but also benefits your worthy self in the long run. Concentrate!

Let the Positivity Flow in You

Positive thoughts attract positive feelings and good conduct. It instills resilience when facing challenging situations in life. It shoos away negativity and helps tackle difficult situations with ease. Be optimistic!

Deep Breaths For Relaxation

Breathing exercises relax your body and refresh the mind. Keep taking deep breaths. Focus on your breath. Forget the world and everything else around you. It is absolutely okay to be with yourself once in a while. Breathe in and breathe out.

Learn From Those Around You

Learning is a continuous process which never ends. Watch people around you carefully. They are the best teachers we can learn good virtues from. Children, for instance, teach us how to live a carefree life.

Shun the Battle With Your Thoughts

At times, your head is swirling with hundreds of thoughts. Do not panic. Let the thoughts come and go. Learn to ignore them as needed.

Forgive and Forget

You may have been hurt by people in the past. You still retain those bad memories in your mind. Try and forgive those who gave you pain. Get rid of those memories!

Thank Everyone and Everything

Thanksgiving promotes good health and keeps relationships healthy. Always make it a point to thank all, be it your boss who gave you a job, or your family who supports you. Express gratitude towards those who stood by you and helped you.

Tips For Living in the Moment

♦ Participate actively in each and every activity.
♦ Give your 100% attention/focus and energy to all your tasks and activities.
♦ Be receptive to every sensation. Be it taste, smell, sound, or any sight.
♦ Respect each moment without grading it as good or bad.
♦ Stay calm and face each instance or situation. Do not let worries or tension affect you in any way.

As the saying goes, 'nothing comes easy', learning how to live in the present is an art and demands time and practice on our part.

Gains From Living in the Moment

♦ Experience of overwhelming gratitude, awareness, and kindness.
♦ Vanishes the feeling of unease and discomfort.
♦ Establishes sync with thoughts, ideas, and feelings.
♦ Sense of belonging to friends, family, and peers.
♦ Improves self-confidence and physical health.
Ralph Waldo Emerson had once said, "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." Isn't this a simple philosophy to follow? Remember to value each moment by embracing it. This not only uplifts our spirits, but also instills cheer and a sense of felicity in us. It's all in our heart and mind. So take the charge and make your life the best, something that people will envy.