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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Rujuta Borkar Aug 7, 2020
Negative thoughts can thwart a person's growth and minimize the chances of succeeding at any task at hand. It is, therefore, a good idea to learn how to stop negative thoughts and bring in positive thoughts instead. In the following piece, that is exactly what we shall be doing.
Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. - Vince Lombardi
Thinks is the imperative word here. 'What we think, so we are'... 'It's all in the mind' and countless such adages have made way through the ages. The importance of thinking and the way in which our thoughts influence our actions has always been a subject of study. Do our thoughts have an effect on our mind and thereby on our actions?
They most definitely do. That is why the concept of the subconscious mind and the power that it exerts on all that we do has always been looked upon with awe. And these thoughts that influence our behavior, they aren't merely the happy, rosy, and the always positive thoughts, you know?

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They are both negative and positive. So, just like a positive thought can have a good effect on our behavior and actions, so can a negative thought have an equally detrimental effect on our psyche and thereby influence our behavior and consequently our actions.
Negative thinking can work on different levels, doing incomparable harm. Imagine a person who is constantly thinking about negative things and has only negative thoughts fill his mind. Constant negative thoughts can lead to very detrimental effects.
For one, it can create anxiety and restlessness, it can bring a person down and go on to create a low self-esteem and low self image. It therefore thwarts the growth of a person and prevents him from reaching his full potential.
It is because of this reason that there is a need to know how to prevent and completely stop negative thoughts, and infuse our mind with positive thoughts instead. In the following sections, we will look through how this can be achieved and what are the ways in which we can make this happen.

Stopping Negative Thinking and Anxiety

There is a combination of methods that one can use in order to gain a mind that is free of negativity and infused with positive thoughts instead. The following are some of the ways of how to stop negative feelings.

Be Aware

First things, first. Be aware that you are dealing with negative thoughts and feelings. Do not let them become a natural part of your thinking such that you are unable to even distinguish between what are positive thoughts and what are negative thoughts. Unless you know that you are experiencing negative thoughts, you can never stop them.

Find the Source

...then tackle it. Introspect and try to learn why you are experiencing so much anxiety and an influx of negative thoughts. Is it probably because of some project that you have at hand and you aren't sure of its results? Uncertainty and not knowing what the result of something will be can lead to negativity. Or maybe, is it because you aren't happy with something in your life and that is preventing you from developing a positive self image? When you know what the cause is, it becomes easier to find solutions.

Methods to Tackle Negativity

While there are specific techniques that one can employ to bring about a change from the negative to positive in case of a cause and effect factor, there are certain ways which can act as very general methods which can be undertaken to curb negativity. The following are some of the same.
Positive Affirmations
The subconscious mind will influence our thoughts and actions. So then, learn to give yourself positive affirmations as a rule. Constantly tell yourself what you need to hear in order to drive the negativity away.
For example, if it's a doubt about succeeding at work that is bothering you, then go on to tell yourself - 'I will succeed at so and so job...' Tell yourself this constantly over and over again. Write it down where you can constantly see it. This influences the subconscious mind and the negativity and anxiety makes way for positivity.
Not only that, it will also lead to positive actions and success.
Breathing Exercises
Anxiety and negative thoughts often lead to restlessness and other negative effects on one's health. A great way to tackle this behavior is to find carry through some deep breathing or meditation exercises. These calm the mind and reduce the stress that is present.
Feeling Good About Yourself
Another way to deal with negativity is to replace it with something that makes you feel good about yourself, as well as instills the feelings of positivity in you. So, taking up something that you're good at will give you a sense of accomplishment. Similarly, doing things that help you relax, like taking a walk, reading, listening to music and the like will help one calm the mind, get rid of the stress and other negative emotions and infuse it with positive thoughts instead.
Negative thoughts can thwart a person's positive self image and lead to highly detrimental effects on his overall performance and personality. That is why it becomes important to learn how to stop negative thoughts and become an optimist instead. A read through this article and the subsequent execution of the same will help you deal with this problem well enough.