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List of Leadership Traits

As long as a leader can lead his followers to a success story and fulfill the promises made, how does it matter whether a leader is born or made? Here are some traits and their meanings.
Mukta Gaikwad Aug 14, 2020
Many people ponder whether, leaders are born or made. However, a leader in the truest sense, ignores such arguments and moves on to make a mark. A leader knows the exact traits that are required to get where he has to.
Knowing what are the leadership qualities is easy, but developing them is what takes a deliberate effort. The effort comes if there is a unabated desire to achieve the goal. Possessing good leadership qualities does not make you a leader. It is its rightful display in the most demanding time, that makes you an effective leader.


Why does a new politician lead a state or country after every few years? It's only because the last one in power failed to keep his promises. When promises are made by leaders, people believe them.
A little dishonesty and your character will come crumbling down like a pack of cards. The biggest opportunity to display honesty, is while handling mistakes. A mistake can be understood, but a treacherous lie will never be accepted by those in need of guidance.
And after all, what good is a leader, if he fails his followers? Besides aforementioned opportunities, a leader who does his work with utmost honesty and integrity will never lose his focus, making him fulfill every promise made. And, we like a man of his word, don't we?

Avant-Garde Thinking

Making optimum use of resources to fulfill the honest promises, is avant-garde thinking. The fundamental motive of leading is to move from point A to point B.
This essentially, is to take an organization, situation or whatever may be the area of your influence, to a better position. Avant-garde thinking or a radical thinking is the key to bringing about developments and progress. Leadership characteristics are about making a difference today for a better tomorrow.
An honest leader would know that if he has promised something, he needs to find an honest way to get there. He must have a clear vision of the cause he is committed to, and those truly will be his venerated traits.


A competent leader is the one who sets goals and works meticulously towards achieving them. An objective is the cornerstone of any leadership. There has to be a mission statement and absolute commitment to it.
Goal setting helps in sketching out a plan, gauging the risks, making amends, and executing the plan. This maintains the focus and prevents any deviations. Without display of such effective leadership qualities, a person will only be an imitation of what he wishes to be.


Even a kindergarten child knows what he wants to be and he'll reply, "I want to be a pilot like my father". Take a walk down the memory lane and you'll realize that at some point you too wanted to emulate what your parents were.
This happened because at that point of time, they were guiding and leading you to become a person you are today. A leader has to able to evoke a need to achieve and aspire. Putting across thoughts with conviction and passion goes a long way in motivating people and making a positive difference to their life.
Analyze the traits of those who have led you so far. Teachers, parents, colleagues, bosses, friends, and in more ways that one even children are great leaders. Being observant and insightful of happenings around of you are some more qualities to take note of.
These qualities have to be developed every single day in day-to-day situations, for only practice leads to perfection! Traits are to be honed for them to help you grow into an effective leader for people. The idea of a leader has to be first born within oneself, to be made into something for others to follow.