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Life Goals You Should Set Before Turning 30

Shruti Bhat
Turning the big '30' is an inevitable milestone many want to dodge. Let's begin by taking baby steps into building a healthier and stronger life after 30.
As you approach 30, you learn the value of a stable job, financial safety, and security.
Set aside money and get yourself and your family a good insurance plan. It is important to have savings, emergency funds, retirement schemes, and be prepared for bigger expenditures viz. buying a house or college fund for your children. Learn to live within your means. Pay off any high debts viz. credit card and education loans.
No matter how old you get, keep learning.
Don't think whether you'll earn money from what you learn; it's important that you grow. Learn to cook, try your hand at something creative, or take a course which will help you get ahead in your career. Learn to prioritize; be it as simple as paying off bills on time. Understand the value of 'now', and avoid procrastinating.
Make time for your family, and remember they have only you. Start small like helping your kid(s) with their homework, helping your partner with the household chores, or talking to your parents and siblings without getting into an argument.
If you're out of shape, it's time you get healthier.
Show some tough love when it comes to your health. Learn to be kind and respectful towards yourself as well. Set boundaries, learn to say no, and mean it. Cultivate good and healthy habits, and shed at least 1 bad habit. If you smoke, quit smoking, if you're an alcoholic, seek help to get sober.
If you've managed to get your hands on a small fortune, take a trip out of the country.
Backpack across Europe, or travel to exotic locations like Bali or India. This will expose you to different cultures and people. If going abroad is not for you, travel around your country; you never know what you might stumble upon in your own backyard.
You might have lived a carefree - throwing caution to the winds - kind of a life.
Knowingly or unknowingly, you might have even stepped on a couple of toes, burned a few bridges, broken a few hearts, and been rude to the people in your life. It's time to make amends and build healthier relationships.
You probably lead a hectic life, juggling personal and professional life.
Make time to bring peace within you. Turn down any distractions and make some quality 'me' time, where you relax, let go, and unwind. Invest some time in a hobby, meditate, or simply take a siesta.