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10 Life Lessons Everyone Learns The Hard Way

CH Mridula Mar 6, 2020
No matter how much we try to be intellectual, life has its own ways of teaching us the valuable lessons. Though initially we are hurt and devastated, we eventually learn from those experiences, and mature. We understand that life is beautiful with its own flaws, and we learn to always be optimistic and happy with the way it is.

Relationships are Precious

Relationships are fragile like glass, and need to be nurtured with care, responsibility, patience, time, and devotion.
They are the best thing that could happen to anyone, and messing with them is the biggest mistake one could ever commit. Breaking someone's heart actually leaves us in despair as well.

Lying is Harmful

Everyone, at some point in life, must have definitely realized that lying is a very dangerous thing for the mind, which ultimately affects overall health too.
Lying makes a man lose confidence and trust on his own self, and also he would lose the trust of others.

Being Passive is Not Always a Good Sign

It's good not to be bothered with every minor thing and not running behind everything.
But being laid back regarding serious issues and decisions would prove dangerous in the later course. Actions and decisions of early life affect one's later life as well, and it is always good to be considerate about one's perspective about things.

Sometimes, Moving On is the Only Option

Some things are very dear to us, and we cannot imagine life without those activities or people.
But sometimes, circumstances and situations align in such a way that, it is better to leave something and move ahead. Everything has a tenure, and that is the beauty of it. At times, it is better to move on with the memories, rather than stay there and live in a blank space with no possible future.

Rebelling Never Resolves Anything

Taking a stand for the matters and people you care about is probably the best trait of you. But rebelling against other opinions and people just to prove your perspective will not make you any proud about yourself. Everything has a way of expression and can be expressed without being sentimental and over-excited.

Sales are Not Always Profitable

Often, it happens that we start drooling whenever we come across any sale or discounts, and see ourselves profiting in that scheme. What we little realize is that, most of such offers are nothing but a way of be-fooling customers and draining the same initial price in a roundabout way.

It is Natural to Make Mistakes

In the race of being a perfectionist and an ideal grown-up, every mistake committed by us becomes a sin in our minds and we become pesky about ourselves.
It is rightly said, 'to err is human'. We all are humans, nobody knows everything, and it is fine to oblige yourself for the things that went wrong, and try to avoid repeating them again or doing any wrong intentionally.

Happiness is the Core of Everything

Nothing in the world would make sense if you are not happy.
Things cannot bring happiness, but happiness can bring many things in life. And the foremost person who should be happy with you is your own self. If you do not feel cheerful from the inside, you definitely cannot make others happy.

You Cannot Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue

Many of us have spent our childhood days trying many tricks, but nothing can beat the memory of sticking out the tongue and trying to touch the nose. Eventually, we grow up and realize that it is one juvenile game, laugh over it, and move on.

Some Things are Impossible

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "There is no such word as impossible in my dictionary", and we blindly idealize it, and drain our brains in all those things which we badly desire for by repeating the same words in the back of the mind.
Ever tried putting squeezed toothpaste back in the tube? It is absolutely fine if some things don't work out, you never know what is coming up! At least you gave it a shot, so be happy about it.