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Life Lessons We Can Learn From the Coronavirus Pandemic

Manali Oak Apr 2, 2020

Respect Your Work

If you have not respected your job, now you will. Your office, your colleagues, your work; they have been a vital part of your life. Being forced to work from your place, now you are missing all this and have perhaps begun to value it more.

Value Your Freedom

You could go anywhere you wished to, anytime you felt like. This was the freedom you had and all this time you were taking it for granted. Now that you are not allowed to go outdoors, you will realize the true value of freedom.


You will be more grateful towards the women in the house who are the real backbone of your family. They are constantly working, putting in many more hours daily at their workplace which is called home.


You will learn to appreciate people around you; doctors and hospital staff, serving as a huge support system for health care, police officers striving selflessly to maintain order and news reporters working to give updates and spread awareness.

Family is Important

You will realize you have been taking your family members for granted and not been able to give them much attention or time. Amid the epidemic, you are worried about their well-being and you have come to know their importance in your life.

Minimalism is Possible

Going out for shopping and entertainment was so necessary for you and you couldn't skip your weekend outings or parties. The lockdown has forced you to stay in and you are having to sustain with only the essentials. Although difficult, minimalism is not impossible. You will realize.

Spending Time with Yourself is Rewarding

Constantly surrounded by people or engrossed in work, you hardly got time to spend with yourself. Due to the lockdown, you are getting time for yourself and you have started enjoying your own company. You may be engaging in creative pursuits or contemplating life, this alone time is rewarding in many ways.

Power of Self Discipline

In these hard times, you will realize the power of self-discipline. There may be less or no external motivation since work and travel have stopped, but you have to set a routine for yourself. You have to maintain a good food, exercise and sleep regime, and spend your active time in something productive.


You will realize you are so small and not everything is in your control. A virus outbreak can cause so much damage, a disease can wreak havoc. Nature can bring everything to a standstill. Though man thinks he can control everything, there is something more powerful controlling him.