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Magnetism: The Natural Power of the Soul

Vishwas Purohit
Spiritual magnetism is the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all round happiness and well-being. For most people, the magnetism is not so highly evolved; it is in the plane of animal or physical magnetism―subject to cosmic hypnosis or world delusions- and functions primarily on the level of materialism.
Why is that when some people speak, everyone is enthralled, while when others talk about the same thing, no one even lends a ear? Even with all their obvious faults, dictators were able to wield tremendous influence.
What is the secret of this power? It is called magnetism of the soul. Everyone is divinely endowed with personal magnetism. Very few know how to develop that magnetism; it lies latent in most people.

The effect of dietary habits on magnetism

Your body should always be under your control; it shouldn't control you. The food that you eat creates an impact on your body, so considering the kind and quality of food becomes important. Unhealthy eating habits can be ineffective in the development of soul magnetism.
Those who overload their systems with food not suited for their body, diminish their magnetism. On the other hand, healthy food can help in increasing magnetism.
Overloading the stomach drains the inner life force and results in loss of magnetism. Whereas, fasting sometimes can prove effective in increasing magnetism. Overeating enslaves the body's vital forces, but fasting can revitalize them and increase the body's magnetism.

The vibrations of the whole world pass through your body

There is a constant exchange of magnetism between you, your surrounding and the people with whom you come in contact. All actions, both positive and negative, create vibrations in the atmosphere. These vibrations are all pervading.
You can feel the negative vibrations when you come in contact with a person who is indulged in wrong things. Weak-minded individuals should by all means avoid the company of people with negative energy. Only the strong-minded can mingle with such people and help them change without being affected by them.
When you mix with people having negative magnetism, make sure that your positive magnetism is greater than their negative magnetism. Self-styled teachers and reformers need to have strong spiritual magnetism to avoid the vibrations of those they are trying to help.

Being calm protects you from negative vibrations

It has been proved that six years of a person's life are cut off when he lives in the midst of negative vibrations. When you are nervous, you are more receptive to disturbing vibrations, which further affects the nervous system. Try keeping yourself calm to avoid attracting negative vibrations.
Change and strengthen your own vibrations by positive thinking, this will help you in developing a positive magnetism. By being in a calm environment, you can divert your magnetism towards positivity.

Value Silence

Idle talk dissipates magnetism. It is also dangerous, because talking too much usually makes you say the wrong things.
Words have the capability of destroying kingdoms or bring peace. The person who talks too much is a shallow thinker and has very little magnetism. But when a man of wisdom talks, people listen. When you speak with your soul, everyone listens. Magnetism gives you the ability to change others with your words.
As soon as you take control of your life and start doing what is appropriate, your will power develops, and also your magnetism. Developing strong willpower is the secret of magnetism. Men of success are men of great willpower. When you develop will, no matter how much ever you are pounded by life, you rise again.