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How to Manifest Money with Law of Attraction

Puja Lalwani
Manifesting money just by means of your thoughts is possible, only if you believe in it. There is a thinking process to be followed. Leaf through this story to understand the ways to achieve it and fulfill your desires.
It isn't enough for you to love money. It's also necessary that money should love you - Kin Hubbard
We all want money and we want it fast. There are things we don't need, there are things we just desire, and to fulfill those desires, all we need is money. An old joke says that money can't get rid of your misery, but it is more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle.
Nothing could be truer than this fact that has been stated under the facade of humor. Like it or not, you need money to keep up with your own needs and desires. As important as it is to work hard to earn money, there are some other things you need to do in order to manifest it.
That's right, it can be manifested simply based on your thoughts and actions. It is not just wishful thinking. If you are a non-believer in the power of thoughts and in the law of attraction, you probably will not be able to make much use of the information given here.
However, if you are willing to understand and read it with an open mind, you may finally find the gateway to your desires and dreams. Manifesting money is indeed an art, the importance of which you will only understand once you learn how to use it.
What Not to Do
The process is not just as simple as thinking. Yet, over a period of time, that is how it becomes. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot involved in this process, and before the application of any techniques in your life, you need to cleanse your mind and spirit of negativity and thoughts that block out the good in your life.
This is the basic principle of the law of attraction, i.e., like attracts like. You resort to positive thinking, you will attract positive, you think negatively, and that is what you will receive. So before you begin, here are a few things you need to do:
  • Stop thinking that you can't have or don't deserve to have money. Everyone deserves it, and there is enough to go around in this world.
  • Stop believing that good things happen only to other people. Good things will happen to you too when you stop feeling victimized.
  • Instead of focusing on 'how' you will pay your bills, focus on having 'enough' to pay them off as soon as they come.
  • Stop piling up your dues. They will just hit you harder when you finally decide to pay them.
  • Stop focusing on how you can't afford certain things. If you can't afford them, stop thinking about them to the point where you can.
  • Stop believing that money is evil, and that you can earn good money only by resorting to negative means. There are legitimate ways of earning a good amount of money, only if you think it is possible.
  • Stop believing that you have to do something you don't like to earn money. You can earn as much by running a day care center as you can by working as a software engineer. It's all about loving what you do so that you can really appreciate what you earn.
These are the things you simply must avoid. The law of attraction, the power of positive thinking and affirmations, and the techniques of visualization are only effective when they are not faced with negative thoughts from you.
Yes, it is not as easy to divert your mind from 'what if' to 'yes it can', but it is definitely not impossible. It takes a while, especially when you are used to having a negative mindset and outlook about every event and happening around you. Over a period of time, and with conscious effort, you will get rid of it.
What You Should Do
The speed at which you are capable of manifesting wealth will depend solely on how easily you are able to apply all the techniques involved, without allowing any room for negativity. The techniques involved in the process are as follows.
As has been mentioned earlier, the basic principle of the law of attraction is 'like attracts like'. To attract wealth and allow for its creation, you simply must open up your mind to receiving more money. For instance, you are thinking about how perfect winning the lottery would be.
Law of Attraction

Follow these thoughts with what you will do once you get it; where and how you are going to use it. Be specific; it shows your readiness to receive a huge sum. If you think 'OK, I will win the lottery but what
will I do with it?
Will I be able to manage such a large sum? How much will I have to pay in taxes? Whom will I have to share it with?' That's it! You can forget about ever winning a lottery.
These are all negative thoughts and vibes that you are sending out to the universe; thoughts that will only delay the entire process, and perhaps not allow it to manifest at all. So for the law of attraction to work, you have to be prepared with a clear and positive bent of mind.
Positive Affirmations

The power of positive self-affirmations has never gone wrong. If you think you can, you definitely can! It's all in the thoughts and your beliefs. If you want money, you will say 'It is easy for me to earn as much I want'. You will not say 'I need money', you will say 'I have money'. Your choice of words is very important.
If you say 'I hope I have enough money to buy my dream home some day', it implies a feeling of doubt in the process. If you say 'I have enough money to buy my dream home', whether or not you have it at that moment, you are only manifesting thoughts that will make it possible in the future.
To use the power of positive affirmation to manifest money, repeat some of these statements on a daily (or more than once everyday) with a clear mind, and with all your belief in it.
  • Money comes to me very easily.
  • I deserve every penny I earn or receive.
  • Wealth can be increased only by sharing it, and I am doing that as I earn it.
  • The more money I receive, the more I can give to those who need and deserve it.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • There is always an abundance of money in my life.
  • I am thankful for all the money I have.
  • Every penny I spend comes back to me in a larger amount, after enriching the lives of others.
Use these affirmations regularly (not occasionally) to experience the benefits they have to offer. Write them down if you have to, read them everyday, chant them whenever you get the chance, and see how you get all the money you truly deserve.
If you want them to work quicker, give yourself a time goal. 'I expect to receive $25,000 by the end of this month'. You may not receive the whole amount, but you will definitely receive enough to make you believe in this process.
Visualization techniques used to manifest money involve visualizing the things you will do with the money. Money is not an end, it is the means to an end. So if it is that sports car you want to buy, imagine yourself driving it. Imagine every detail of it.

Put up a picture of the car at a place where you can see it everyday. When you look at it, think about simply holding the steering wheel and then driving it. The more specific you are, the quicker the process will be.
If you dream of traveling worldwide, imagine yourself traveling to your dream destinations. Again, pictures of the place, and of the activities you wish to do there, will help empower this process further.
Finally, after attaining all the money you have dreamed about, ensure that you respect it enough for it to stay with you. Always thank the universe for blessing you with all the luxuries you have. The power of gratitude cannot be undermined. Money always increases upon sharing.
It is believed that donating a certain percentage of your earnings every month to those who need it, is one of the many things you should do to manifest and increase it. You will notice over a period of time, that the percentage has remained the same, but the amount you donate has increased drastically, and this is only because your earnings have increased.
The whole process definitely requires some amount of effort. It is obviously not as easy as just thinking about it all the time without really experiencing the desire from within. Start with a clean slate, on a positive note, and all the money you want will be yours.