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Fabulous Mind Control Techniques

Manali Oak Mar 22, 2020
Mind control techniques are ways of achieving control over your thoughts and emotions. They are the means to bring about a positive change in yourself. Here we talk about the different techniques that could be used to achieve self-control.
Mind control techniques are the tools to communicate with yourself, to understand the abilities that you have within, and to learn how to use your strengths to improve yourself. The techniques help you control your emotions, guide your thoughts, and develop self-control that can take you a long way in life.
These techniques help train your mind to use its potential to tackle difficult situations. Learning the techniques and practicing them regularly helps enhance your mental abilities, whereby you can work effectively, win people, overcome difficulties, and find peace of mind.

Effective Techniques to Control your Mind


Hypnosis is one of the very well-known techniques of mind control. It can bring about a change in experiences, alter your perceptions as well as change the way you think. It can be used as a method to relieve pain and as a way to alleviate anxiety. Sleeping and eating disorders as also stress disorders can be treated with the use of hypnotherapy.


Self-hypnosis is among the most effective techniques of mind control. It uses autosuggestion. It can be used to get rid of bad habits and addictions, to reduce stress, and increase self-motivation.
To perform this technique, you need to motivate yourself towards your goal, achieve a relaxed state of mind, concentrate on the set target, and finally direct yourself towards it.
Visualizing the realization of your goal often helps. Creative visualizations can cause your perceptions to change. Also, they generate a feeling of pleasure. Self-hypnosis can help improve concentration, problem-solving, and memory.


To re-educate simply means to teach again. When used for mind control, re-education can help instill certain positive beliefs in you, thus helping you get rid of negative emotions. This method can be used to break bad habits or to discourage yourself from doing wrong.

Memory Inhibition

The memory inhibition technique can be used to inhibit the occurrence of certain memories. It is the ability to not remember irrelevant information. It can be used to cast out unwanted memories and thus achieve mind control.


Psychotherapy can bring about a positive change in you, by changing your attitude and behavior. This method involves a conversation with a psychotherapist, counselor, or psychologist.
He/she listens to your problems and helps you find solutions for them. This communication can lead to a change in your behavior and help you achieve better control over life and your mind. This technique is used as a therapy for those with mental disorders or emotional problems.

Behavior Change

Behavior change programs include different activities and focus on the various factors that influence behavior. They can be used to discourage you from bad habits or addictions such as drinking, drug abuse, and overeating among others.
The approach taken for modifying behavior may differ based on the purpose and the person for whom the program is conducted. It can include modeling (learning by imitation), education, or a conversation with a therapist. Behavioral change programs taken under proper guidance can help you bring a positive change in yourself.

Positive Messages

Playing tapes that carry positive messages can help influence your thinking. A positive self-talk can have a similar effect. Words that are encouraging and which carry a positive emotion, have a positive effect on your mind. The purpose of playing such tapes to yourself is the same.
Watching inspirational videos or listening to motivational speeches can change you for the better, thus helping you achieve better control over self.

Brainwave Entrainment

Alteration of mental state can be achieved through methods like brainwave entrainment. In this technique, pulses of light or sound are fed to the brain through the ears or eyes. In response to these, the brain produces electrical impulses that are synchronized with the pattern or frequency of the signal it receives.
As brainwaves are closely related to the mental state, their frequencies have a direct effect on the mind.


The power of music can be harnessed to alter your mental state. The rhythm and sound frequencies affect your brain's functioning and emotional state. Relaxing music can have a calming effect and can be used to induce sleep. Music and dance are known to cause the release of endorphins that help lower stress levels and generate feelings of happiness.

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages can be used for passive mind control. They communicate with your subconscious mind and seem unrecognizable for your conscious self. They can be used to instill certain values and behavioral patterns in an individual through communication at a subconscious level.


Meditation is most commonly associated with mind control. It is used to attain a different level of consciousness and achieve a better control over self. It is also used to address health concerns like high blood pressure and anxiety and achieve relaxation of the body and mind. It helps develop positive feelings and creates a sense of well-being.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing in the right way is the means to achieve mind and body control. Breathing exercises can help calm your mind and body. Deep breathing helps you manage emotions; for example, it is a good way to control anger.
Accompanied by positive visualizations, it is an effective way of getting rid of negative thoughts. Yoga and breathing exercises benefit physical health and also improve mental control and stability.


In philosophy, non-attachment or detachment is the state of overcoming your attachment to desire for things or people. It is definitely not easy to attain this state. When attached to feelings and desires, we cannot be content with ourselves. Non-attachment paves the way to a fulfilled life.
Instead of trying to change everything you dislike, it is better to ignore it or keep away from it. This brings you inner peace. The ability to stay unmoved is a sign of great mind control.
These methods, if adopted in the right way can help strengthen your mind and lead you to achieve self-control. If you are aiming to achieve something specific through these techniques, do seek expert guidance.


Have you thought about how media controls your mind? If the concept of mind control is taken to mean external forces controlling our mind, we will have to agree that there is no escape from the media's influence on our minds. To say the least, media affects our thinking and behavior, both positively and negatively.
When advertisements bombard us with the benefits of a certain product, we are induced to buy it. Attracted to top brands and celebrities endorsing them, many of us feel compelled to use them. Media influence, both direct and subliminal, leads us to change our lifestyle.
In a similar way, media campaigns for a social cause, inspirational films and books, or TV commercials that carry a positive message, have a positive effect on our mind. Aren't these examples of mind control through mass media?