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Our Society: The Sense of Entitlement

Chesley Maldonado Aug 3, 2020
Do you have a sense of entitlement? Before you say no, read on to know what does it exactly mean by 'Having a sense of entitlement' and why and how to get rid of this feeling of entitlement.
It many not be true of every single person in the country, but in general, Americans have an attitude of entitlement. It basically means that people feel that the world owes them something and take the things they have for granted, and expect to get things without giving anything in return. If you think that you too act in a similar way then read on.
Some children grow up with a sense of entitlement. The little ones want what they want, exactly when they want it. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Teenagers often run themselves and their parents into deep debt because they have to have the latest fashion and technology.
Many do poorly in school because they expect every grade to come easily, and even worse, they pass their classes with a social promotion, doing little more than attending classes.
Complaints about any delay, inconvenience or restriction fill the thoughts and conversation of those with an attitude of entitlement. Learning, money, materialistic goods, promotion and reward are expected, though they do nothing more than the bare minimum. After a life of having things handed to them, they enter the world awaiting good things to happen.
Do you find yourself complaining about how things are not fair, how others should make things easier for you, or that if you do what you are supposed to do you should be rewarded, congratulated or thanked? Now that sounds like the sense of entitlement!

How to overcome

One must confess that he/she is guilty. One must accept if they have taken certain things in life for granted and feel blessed for not having to struggle like others. At the same time, one should also know that the attitude that the world owes you something is weak and foolish and won't help to succeed in life.
Let us try to change this attitude in ourselves and our children. Realize and accept some truths to get rid of the hindrance this attitude creates. So here are a few things or facts that need to be  accepted about ourselves.
  • Life is not fair. Some people have more than you do, because they have earned it. There are people who work hard yet have less than you. So, don't focus on people who have more but seem to do less.
  • No one owes us anything. Everything is a gift, right-down to the air you breathe. So be grateful for everything you have and work towards achieving what you don't.
  • Goals and dreams can only be attained through hard work and a willingness to never quit. Success is not going to chase you down, you have to make it come to you.
  • There will always be inconvenience. You are special, and definitely you have wonderful qualities, but you will have to wait sometimes, just like everyone else.
Do your best to absorb this reality and be thankful for what you have. Hard work is necessary in order to reach our goals. One can't just barely meet requirements and expect exceptional rewards. If you strive to better yourself with gratitude and ambition, your personal achievements will replace your sense of entitlement with a sense of accomplishment.