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Techniques for Personality Development

Kashmira Lad
Practicing the basics of personality development can help you to project yourself in a better light. Using its different methods can help to overcome many hurdles in life.
A positive attitude can help us through thick and thin. Being confident and feeling beautiful from within has nothing to do about our physical appearance.
You must have noticed in your childhood days how certain children always had the knack of being the center of attention or always shining through every task that was assigned to them. Well, this is mainly because every individual has a different personality; it is obvious that every person cannot be the same.


There are various factors that you will need to consider so that it has a positive effect on your life. It is all about your individualism and how you control your emotions to act in a way that is most beneficial for you.
When we think and analyze how people around us have behaved or reacted, we are in a way trying to assess how their personalities are, without really knowing what we are doing. A personality is built up by the kinds of thoughts and feelings we have within us, which can result in a particular behavior.

Decisive Factors Leading to Development of Personality

There are many ways in which personality development can change our outlook towards things and give us success in whatever we do. This can help one to achieve better results in any task, whether professionally or personally.

Have a Positive Attitude

Have you really thought about the way you approach any task handed out to you? Do you generally have self-doubt about your capabilities? Positive thinking is a major aspect about personality development.
It can help to alter the results and actually get positive results your way. Start with a deep belief in yourself. This can help to create better opportunities for you and also bring about an improved change in your life.
If you have wondered how certain people taste success with little effort, it is solely on having a positive attitude. This aspect helps you to approach anything with self-confidence and in turn create positive vibes. Therefore, have deep confidence in your abilities and when someone says you can't do a certain thing, simply turn back and say, 'Yes, I can'!
For e.g., most children may suffer from lack of self-confidence when it comes to talking before the entire class. Here, effective personality development can help to overcome this problem and turn the child into a better conversationalist, which can help him/her later on in life as well.


Always keep yourself motivated about your tasks and responsibilities. Successful people reach their position because they always had a constant drive in them that told them to do better each time they felt they have done well.
Every time you feel like you need to quit, either at work or in a relationship, focus on your goals and try to rectify the problem rather than turn your back on it.
For e.g., have you always had the problem of stage fright? Instead of thinking about how dreadful the experience is, look at it as an opportunity, and give it your best shot. This will help you overcome your fear and discover new avenues as well.

Believe in Your Strong Points

Think about all your abilities. This will help you shape yourself into a better personality. Personality development is about portraying yourself in a better fashion and feeling confident about goals you have set for yourself.
This would be possible if you do not focus on your negative aspects and work on using your skills to the maximum. Make a list of all your positive points. Be encouraging to yourself; if you think you are facing any problem in any task, relax and try to look at it in a different manner. This will help you to overcome your problems with ease.

Effective Body Language

Your stance can say a lot about you. As mentioned earlier, personality development is about a confident portrayal about yourself and your body language can say a lot about yourself.
Effective body language forms a part of your personality; this includes your facial expression, gestures, how you sit, and the way you react to what another person would be telling you.
For e.g., sitting in a slouched position for an important business meeting would mean that you are simply not interested in the contents of what is being said. Therefore, develop your body language, which should help you to portray yourself in a better light.
Make eye contact while speaking; if someone is conducting a lecture, sit erect and nod your head gently in affirmation for certain points and make sure you have a firm handshake as well. A correct body posture shows a confident personality radiating through.

Handle People and Situations the Right Way

To be effective, you must not only work on yourself but also on certain aspects around you. Learning how to handle people is also an important factor about personality development.
Take a common case which you may have encountered at your work place- there are certain people who can achieve better results when compared to you, although you may put in the same amount of effort. These people can get a job done faster because of the way they handle a certain situation or people associated with that task.
Being a leader or reaching that position may not be easy, but it is certainly not an impossible task. Remember to avoid criticizing and complaining about things. Be honest about your approach and be genuinely interested in people around you.
Successful leaders know how to manage people well, and you can take a look around your workplace to know how people with strong personalities can manage their work much easily as compared to people who struggle to get their work coordinated. This is simply because they are not well liked as a person.
Learning how to handle people with a positive approach can make people around you feel positive and can create a happy environment to be in. Use your authority with care and respect others as well. Effective personality development will help you make a better impression upon others and also build a good rapport with your co-workers.
Focusing on personality development can help overcome many hurdles in your life. Problems that may seem to loom large otherwise can suddenly seem to be really minuscule for you.
Always fill your mind with positive and fresh thoughts. Remember, how you present yourself has a lot to do with the way things can turn out for you. So, turn things in your favor with successful ways of personality development.