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Problem Solving Games for Groups

Rujuta Borkar
Learning the basic skills of problem solving has become a necessity in today's world. It helps us in our personal as well as professional lives. One of the most effective ways to acquire this skill is through games. Read on to know more.
The skills and the ability to face a difficult situation and solve it well enough should ideally be an inbuilt trait. In that way, whenever there is a problem, one knows exactly how to solve it. It should not be a time to sit and mull over 'what can be done', but rather a time when one knows exactly 'what needs to be done'.
This is only possible if there are certain problem solving skills that have been acquired and honed. In that direction, it has been seen that the medium of games is one of the most effective ways of learning these skills and perfecting them. The medium of games does not pressure and neither does it demand, like any other medium would most likely do.

Group Games

The following problem solving activities are a good mix of games for both adults and kids. You'll find that these have a good element of fun running through them. Let's not waste anymore time then and get you these activities.

Tying the Knot

Divide the group of people into teams of equal members and give each of these groups a long piece of rope. Each member in the group has to hold a part of the rope. At the blow of the whistle, the team has to tie a knot in the center of the rope without any of the members letting go of it. 
The first team that manages to do the same, wins. This game requires analytical thinking and the ability to work under pressure.

Blindfold Order

For this one, you can either divide the group into teams or get them to work as one huge group. This will be determined by the size of the group, if it's a very large number, then it is advised to divide them into teams.
Each member is asked to choose a number from 1-10 (Or the highest number, depending on the number of people). They cannot share this number with anyone from their team. Each of them is then blindfolded and directed to a designated area.
The objective of the game is that they have to arrange themselves in either the ascending or the descending order, but they cannot talk. They have to find a method by which to communicate with each other and arrange themselves thus.

Paper Folding

Divide the group into teams of 3 or 2. Each of them is given a sheet of paper. The objective of the game is that they have to balance themselves on the paper, no matter what. If any part of their body touches the ground, they are disqualified.
With every turn, the paper is folded and they have to devise ways of how to balance on the same. This requires innovation, strength and a calm mind to be able to think in the most tensed situation.

Obstacle Course

For this group solving activity, design a simple obstacle race that has a whole lot of activities lined up like 5 rounds of jump rope, 5 circles with the hula hoop and more of the same. As is understood, the team that manages to finish the course first, wins.
The hitch? Each team has only two members and their legs are tied together. Thereby increasing the difficulty of the same. Just ensure that the activities are designed in such a way that they are safe to do.

Crossing the River

The entire group is on one side of the room and they have to cross to the other side of the room. The distance between the room is a toxic river and without the 'magic scarf' no one can cross it. The hitch is that there is only one scarf. This scarf can be used only once by each person.
The scarf has to be handed over by each team member to the other personally, and cannot be thrown across. The team that manages to figure out that they need to carry people across in the least amount of time, wins.
Problem solving is an essential skill to acquire and hone, and one should make it a point to constantly try newer and innovative ways of making that happen. In that direction, these problem solving games for groups will help tremendously.