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14 Reasons You Should Live Abroad Once in a Lifetime

Tanaya Navalkar Mar 17, 2020
Living abroad has much more to it than just moving to another country and living there for a while. It can help widen your horizons and make you a better person. Well, it doesn't here! Start packing your bags, because in this story, we have enlisted a few reasons why you should live abroad at least once in a lifetime.
"It is a bitter-sweet thing, knowing two cultures. Once you leave your birthplace nothing is ever the same."
― Sarah Turnbull
Everyone of us likes to travel to new places. Some are born with the wanderlust genes in them, while others aren't. Going for vacations and staying at a place for a few days is easy, but it is difficult to adapt to a new culture for a longer period of time.
Have you ever thought about or got an opportunity to relocate abroad? What would you do if you got such a chance to get out of the comforts of your own house and family? Obviously, just pack your bags and go!
You don't go there as a tourist. You won't hire tourist guides to show you around or book hotels and stay comfortably. You'll have your own job, house, and number of errands and chores to run around. You'll face new challenges, and get to know yourself better. You'll realize what all situations you can handle. You'll learn new things that will broaden your horizons.
You'll even fall down sometimes, but you'll also learn to pick yourself up and start afresh. Moreover, you'll have infinite memories to take back home with you. Still not convinced? Well, we give you some great reasons to move abroad that will make you create one such opportunity if you haven't got one yet!

What Happens When You Live Abroad?

You get to start afresh

All of us need a fresh start once in a while, especially when you feel your life is not moving ahead and has come to a standstill. By living in a completely new country and among new people, you can do just that. Just imagine the feeling of falling asleep in your new home that you managed to find yourself!

You gain a new perspective

Being away from home will give you an opportunity to look at things differently. There are a number of ways of perceiving things, and you come to know them only when you immerse yourself completely in a new culture and think accordingly.

You learn a new language

The best way to learn a new language is to live in that country, and you get to know a culture very well only when you know the local language. You automatically learn a new language when you're surrounded with locals. Interacting with them on a daily basis will help you pick up the language quickly. This is one great opportunity for you to go multilingual.

You finally move out of your comfort zone

While we are inside the comforting walls of our home, we take everything for granted. And with this routine, we hardly realize how rusty we become by living the same life everyday. Moving to a new place gives us a chance to develop into a new individual.
You eventually learn to do everything all by yourself, which you never knew you could do too, and also get to know yourself better. So, get out of your shell and spread your wings if you wish to explore the world. You'll be surprised to know how far you can stretch your comfort zone!

You become independent

The most important and challenging thing is to learn to live independently. Cooking, doing your dishes and laundry, buying groceries, etc., are some things that you never do at home, because you know your mom or someone else is always there to look after everything. When you realize that you're alone, you automatically figure out things. This is how you naturally grow and evolve as a person.

You have two of everything

Home is where the heart is. Just imagine how nice it would feel to call multiple cities your home. You'll connect with your family in a better way.
Two types of SIM cards, two types of currencies that you'll often get confused with, two types of banks accounts; in short, you have your people and other things on both sides of the ocean. You won't have to specially plan a vacation anywhere; you can simply visit your second home!

You get to enjoy the authentic cuisine of that country

Now this is something that everyone should explore.
Living in a new place gives you a chance to try out the delicious local cuisine as well as the local fast food. Moreover, if you are a fussy eater, then you'll definitely know how to eat and appreciate everything. Well, once in a while you should give your tongue and taste buds a chance to explore the world too! Moreover, you learn to cook as well.

You start valuing your own culture and family

You'll sometimes miss your folks so badly that you'll often find yourself crying or getting homesick. Well, at times it is necessary to give yourself a chance to miss them so that you can appreciate and value them later on. So, don't get disheartened when you land in such a situation.
Your folks are just a phone call or Skype call away. You're thankful that Skype and FaceTime exists today. In some cases, you may also start appreciating your country and culture, because you start looking and thinking about it from a different perspective.

You get to explore new cities

You may be wondering that you can explore new cities even when you're on vacation. However, there are many tiny hidden places that you may not cover in a few days. Moreover, you won't have to worry about spending specifically on vacations, because you'd be 'living' in the same country.
Come weekend, and you're off! Living abroad is supposed to be an adventure in itself. So, make sure you make the most out of it.

You can say that you did 'live' abroad

Somebody has rightly said, it is much better to regret something that you did than something that you did not do. If you move abroad and don't have as much fun as expected, you still carry a lot of positives in your bag back home than negatives.
So, give yourself a chance, and push your limits. You wouldn't want to regret not going later on. Because the time once lost never comes back!

You create and take back wonderful memories and stories with you

You get to make your photo journal or scrapbook of the many adventures you had and places you visited along with the plane tickets and other memories.
You'll have some great fun stories to narrate to your children and grandchildren, and of course, you'll be so much cooler parent or grandparent to them! And looking at them every time will always bring a smile to your face.

You get that much-awaited stamp on your passport

You dreamed about traveling abroad since the time you first got your passport. Well, if you haven't yet stepped outside your country, now's the time to!

You meet new people and make friends for life

When you move to a new place, although you're struggling with the new language, you still manage to trust and make new friends with different cultures and backgrounds that usually last a lifetime, which often makes you wonder why you didn't meet them before.
As they say, you don't need a language to communicate. And at the same time, you also learn to value your friends back home. You start communicating with them in a better way and that just gets you closer to them.

You become an expert at packing

Nobody likes packing and unpacking and again, packing and unpacking. But with moving abroad and probably changing at least two houses, you become an expert at packing the whole house into two suitcases, one hand bag, and one laptop bag. It is not so difficult after all!
Living abroad is the best way to escape your current situation, whether it is a bad breakup, break from your mundane life, new job opportunities, or just to gain some new experiences.
Believe me, you'll come back as a totally different person with a new perspective and greater appreciation for everyone and everything. So, next time you get an opportunity like this, make sure you grab it! You won't ever regret your decision.