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Useful Tips for Building Self-confidence

Megha Tiwari Jul 23, 2020
Confidence is present within all of us. All we need to do is to just brush it up a little. Read more to know some fruitful tips for building self-confidence.

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Building self-confidence is not only beneficial during our job and in academics, it has a vital role to play throughout our life. It is also responsible for strong relationships and a booming social life. It is one of the most important ingredients of personality development. So, it is essential to have confidence right from the beginning.

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It knows no boundaries of age, caste, creed, or gender. Everyone must have a confident approach to get to the top.
Nowadays, we have many coursesĀ thatĀ help enhance our confidence.
Innumerable books and videos are also available. Apart from this, the Internet has vast information. There are many effective tips available at hand if followed religiously.
To be a confident personality, throw away all your negative thoughts and build a positive aura around yourself.
Common confidence problems are - diffidence to begin a conversation, fear of public speaking, unable to say "no" and lack of self-esteem. Practice is the only way to overcome it. Here are some helpful suggestions for adults, women and children.

General Tips

  • Start writing the events that made you happy throughout the day in a journal. It may be about a compliment, an appreciation, or a gift.
  • Go down the memory lane and jot down those lovely memorable events. This will give you a feel of good things happening in your life.
  • Next, challenge yourself to face those situations that you have been avoiding. For example, fear of facing interviews. Take an appointment, go for the interview and observe your progress. Note down the positive achievements.

Tips for Adults

  • Look at things from a brighter aspect. Try to look for positivity. If you are not good at orating, focus on writing. Focus on positive things you have good command on.
  • Try to be a social butterfly. Attend more parties and social gatherings. Mingling around will boost your morale. Don't give up, at least, till you start feeling comfortable with strangers.
  • Give more attention to your looks and health. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Your look says a lot about you.
Change your looks, outfits, hairstyle, and body language. Engage yourself in exercises or yoga to keep yourself fit and meditate to keep your mind cool and calm.

Tips for Women

  • Stop categorizing yourself into low-confident zone. Just focus on what you are good at, accept your gray areas, and be what you are.
  • Be in action. Participate in everything, i.e., if you love to play, go for it; give presentations, talk to strangers; and share your views in public. You might have to face failures sometimes, but don't give up.
  • Accept your mistakes, and move ahead. The key lies in trying new things every time.
  • Give importance to yourself, think that you are also an important part of this world, and have faith in yourself. Don't let others walk over you, and tell them how you want to be treated.

Tips for Children

  • Have faith in your child. Believe him, and let him know how important he is. Acknowledge his feelings, and support him in expressing them.
  • Try to be a good listener. Guide him for the rights and wrongs instead of scolding or forcing your ideas on him. Give positive feedback for his achievements, and encourage him to continue good activities.
  • Don't criticize your child, rather, criticize his behavior. Make the child clear that it's his action that is bad and not he himself. Try to be his friend, play and laugh with him. Encourage him to participate in new activities, make new friends, and to be independent.
Transform your weaknesses into strength. Whenever you feel that you are lacking in confidence, make use of these tips to enhance your determination. Always remember the thumb rule: "Be positive!"
Disclaimer: These self-confidence building tips are for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.