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Self-esteem Affirmations

Mukta Gaikwad Aug 6, 2020
Positive self-esteem affirmations will guide towards building a strong self-esteem. A deliberate effort will show that you always had it. These positive self affirmations, will just resurface the lost treasure!
To put it simply, self-esteem is to feel good about yourself. How difficult is that? Hardly any! Then why do some people suffer from a low self-esteem? We shall reach to that answer in a while. Many confuse self-esteem with confidence.
Brilliant people have terrific confidence, which helps them to achieve marvelous results, and yet they have poor self-esteem. Let's first understand, what self-esteem means before we delve into the significance of positive affirmations on our psyche.

What is Self-esteem

Literally and once again, self-esteem is feeling good about oneself. It means, to have a high worth of self. The perfect example of perfect self-esteem, is a child. As children we are naive and don't have any judgments about ourselves. As a result of which, we hardly suffer from low or poor self-esteem.
As we grow older we are bombarded with negativeness about ourselves, like 'you are not good enough', 'you are not worthy of it' and so on and so forth. This is what makes the value of 'self', less.
The other person's opinion about us becomes so strongly rooted within us, that it leaves no scope for believing in oneself or having any positive opinion. And this becomes the root cause of living life with a low self-esteem.

Examples of Positive Self-esteem Affirmations

According to psychologists, it takes 7 positive instructions to negate 1 damaging thought. So imagine the number of positive affirmations that's required to build a powerful self-esteem! But the fact that you have reached this place, shows that you realize the importance of positive thinking.
Here are some positive examples that you can begin with to fortify your self-esteem and turn it into a positive one.
  • I love myself, unconditionally and seamlessly.
  • I accept myself, the way I am and for who I am.
  • I am capable of earning the love and respect of my peers, guardians, and family members.
  • I will take the decisions for leading my life and be responsible for them.
  • I will always abide by the rules and regulations I make for myself, because for me that is discipline.
  • I am extremely unique in thoughts and sentiments.
  • I deserve all that is good in this world, because I radiate love and kindness.
  • I have the ability to accept my flaws and improve upon them with sheer determination.
  • The universe is abundant and full of surprises, which is why it will guide me to walk, undeterred, towards my goals.
  • I have the beautiful conscience to assess my past for a better present and for the best future.
  • My mind is mine, so I shall fill it with positive and healthy thoughts, which will transcend into greater and enriching experiences in life.
  • I have high self-esteem and I shall always strive for higher standards.
  • Everyday and every minute, I am getting better and better.
  • Every morning, begins with love, which becomes laughter, and ends with serenity within me.
  • I believe I was born with a purpose, and my every effort shall be to find it.
  • I am valuable and important to the people around me, and most importantly to myself.
  • I have one life to live and only one life to love, so I will make the most out of it.
Stand in front of the mirror and recite these self affirmations. Look into your own eyes while reading out these affirmations for self-esteem and self-confidence. There is no textbook formula for building a self-esteem.
These self-affirmations will surely guide you towards a successful and complete life. Positive self-esteem is an intrinsic quality that lies beneath the negative attributes, in a chest. This article has just given you the key! Open it!