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Unusual Self Improvement Tips

Kundan Pandey
Some time-tested and universally applicable self improvement tips are given here. Reading this shows your genuine desire for self improvement. All you need is determination and the will power to implement them in your daily routine. Read on and discover the pearls that will help you get there.
The tips are interesting to read but difficult to apply. Right? But it is for your own good. If this doesn't motivate you, then what will? Agreed, that the journey is difficult, but isn't the joy and satisfaction that comes when you reach the destination all worth it?
No one is perfect, but the fact that you have accepted that your personality needs development and improving, makes you better than most of them out there. We are here to help you and guide you through this journey that you wish to undertake. Use the tips mentioned here and with one step at a time, get closer to a new you, a better you.

Well Begun is Half Done!

A great start to a day mostly ensures that the rest of your day is great, too. Ensure that your day begins in a classic style, so that your entire day passes positively.
Make it a habit to get up at least an hour early, so that you can use it for some constructive activities like exercise, yoga, and mediation. If you are a student, utilize this time to study or brush up on your revision.

Plan the Day Before!

Planning is a task that most of us try to ignore and even if we do plan, it doesn't really always work. What you could do is, try writing the schedule for the next day while going to bed or when you wake up early in the morning.
This will help you organize and prioritize your work. Let the schedule be flexible so that you may be able to shift or rearrange your appointments in case of unexpected events.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy!

Working hard is good, but working smarter is best! If you're a workaholic, then it's not a bad idea to take a break every fortnight or at least on weekends to spend time with your family and rejuvenate yourself.
Go for outings or simply plan a day out with your friends and family members. Remember, don't take life too seriously, in the end we all have to die!

Humility is Silent Confidence!

Humility is a priceless virtue, and it is often considered more important than confidence. So, be generous. Accept the talents you've been gifted by the Almighty with gratitude and appreciate the good in everyone.
Trying to share the feelings of others, offering help in times of need, and enjoying others' company are some of the important things one can do to express generosity for others.

Accept the Law of Inevitable!

According to Murphy's law, If anything can wrong, it will and so there is logically no point in fretting over the past and needlessly worrying for the future. We should understand that some things in life are beyond our control and we should be wise enough to accept the inevitable.
Many people confuse the virtue of acceptance with compromise and that is a mistake. Acceptance is a sign of maturity that lets time decide the course of events, because human interruption only makes things worse in the due course of future events.
Self improvement doesn't happen in a day, it requires diligence and discipline. Try to occasionally break free of your monotonous activities in daily life by doing something creative. You could cook for a change, go to a book store and pick some good books, or just explore your "self", express your "self"!
Life is all about realizing your creative abilities and that what sets you apart. You could also develop writing habits, learn a new language, or learn to play some musical instrument!
Lastly, the most important self improvement tip is: Just Fight One Day At a Time! Adopt these simple tips, incorporate them in your lifestyle, and watch yourself shine like a star!