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Simple Tips to Bring More Laughter in Your Life

Snehal Motkar Feb 28, 2020
It is universally acclaimed that laughter is the best medicine. We present to you a compilation of some very simple ways to bring more laughter in your life to help you stay healthy and happy.
A day without laughter is a day wasted.
--- Charlie Chaplin
If you can't remember when you last laughed to your heart's content, then it is time you did something about that. Laughter is the only thing that is not harmful, even in excess. In fact, there are many benefits to laughing heartily.
If you have a busy routine, and seem to have no time to enjoy a few moments, then you will have to make a few deliberate efforts to include laughter in your daily routine. If you think this is ridiculous, then perhaps taking a look at the benefits that laughter can bring in your life may change your mind.
☻ Laughter relieves tension by relaxing the muscles in the body. It also reduces the levels of stress, fear, and anxiety.
☻ Laughter releases endorphins (chemicals) in the body, which makes one feel refreshed and enthusiastic. These chemicals promote an overall sense of well-being, and even relieve pain temporarily.
☻ Laughter improves blood flow, which prevents the heart from excessive pressure, and boosts the immune system, which is extremely important for physical well-being.
☻ Laughter also calms the mind, and helps develop a positive attitude to look at complicated things.
Face it, laughing is good for you. If you haven't laughed your guts out in a long time, then here are some ways that will help you include that essential dose of laughter in your life.

Find Humor in Something Serious

Well, the intention is definitely not to make fun of a serious situation, but to make the situation lighter and to find a better solution to it. Solutions are hard to come by with a stressed mind. Laughter is known to reduce stress levels, and can thus help tackle difficult situations in life.
When you are looking for humor in something serious, try not to go overboard, just look at the humorous side of the situation. A snicker, giggle, or guffaw can do wonders for your stress levels.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

When we say laughing at yourself, we don't mean you walk along the street just laughing all the time, or looking in a mirror and laughing at yourself. That's a fast track to the mental hospital. When we say laugh at yourself, we mean look at the situation from a third person's point of view, and find the humor in it.
There are occasions when we do something silly or embarrassing, and people tend to laugh or joke about it. If the situation is actually funny, then laughing about it instead of getting angry or feeling hurt is the best thing to do.
It also helps you look at such instances in a positive way, and put them behind you and move on. Since humans are the silliest race I know, this is a surefire way to increase that dose of laughter in your life.

Share a Laugh With Others

Making humor a part of your daily routine can help improve your relationships with your loved ones, and develop a bond with your co-workers, friends, and other social acquaintances as well. There are several ways to share your laughter with others while spreading happiness. One of the ways to laugh with others is by sharing jokes and funny stories.
Although sending funny messages to people around might spread laughter, sharing jokes and funny stories together increases the level of fun, and leads to even more sharing of laughter.

At work, you can take a break for a few moments, gather your colleagues for a coffee, and share something funny that happened to you. This will definitely relieve stress, lighten up the atmosphere, and refresh your mind.

Think of a Funny Situation

Reliving past funny experiences can be another easy way to get a dose of laughter in your life. Everyone will have had a funny moment in their life, and you can share these over and over again to get a hearty laugh.

Try to Laugh Without Any Reason

Laughter is contagious. Just start with a smile and within no time you will find yourself giggling, then chuckling, and finally bursting into belly-shaking laughter. Initially, it may seem stupid and even a very bad idea to get over something serious, but once you try it and end up laughing over a dreadful situation, you will surely find that it works.
Furthermore, it's a really good thing for weight watchers to laugh for at least 15 minutes daily, as it can help burn excess calories and lose weight faster.

Indulge in Your Favorite Activities Regularly

We all have certain hobbies and interests, but how many of us really take time out to indulge in these? Not many of us, right?
Hence, give it a thought, and plan your routine in such a way that you are able to spare some time, especially in the evening after a hectic day at work, to play fun games or engage in fun-oriented activities, either with your family or friends.

Seek Funny Company

It is ideal to spend more time with people who make you laugh with their spot-on sense of humor.
These people have the best qualities of laughing at themselves as well as laughing at the absurdities of life.
They also have the potential to find humor in routine activities, and take things less seriously. This will help you develop your sense of humor, and learn to handle matters with ease. Hence, when you hear laughter, move towards it and join in.

Maintain the Humorous Attitude

Don't limit your humorous attitude only for tough times in life, but try to seek humor in daily events. This will definitely help you develop an optimistic view towards difficult situations, and prevent your heart and mind from excessive stress. Humor has the potential to turn an otherwise annoying or stressful situation into an amusing and funny experience.
Lastly, living in the present, not only physically but also mentally, is what is important. When you are focusing on the 'present', you are more open to laughter, enjoyment, and happiness in life.