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Start a Personal Development Blog Using Web Stories

Manali Oak
If you wish to start a blog that inspires personal growth, choose Web Stories as its content format and see your readership grow.
Web Stories are fast-loading, mobile-focused and tap-through. They provide an immersive user experience. They are search engine-friendly (which means they can rank in search engines).
They feature in a dedicated section on the 1st page of Google search results, and also surface in Google Discover.
They are powered by Google's AMP technology, and combine the UX of social media stories with the reach of the web.
So, any content when presented in this format, is sure to appeal users more and also get more visibility on the Internet.
If you wish to start a self-improvement blog, opt for Web Stories as its content format and leave your readers mesmerized.
How to start a Web Stories blog? Visual Stories gives you the tools and services to start one, and helps turn your blog into a traffic magnet.
You don't have to worry about the setup, hosting and maintenance of your blog. Technical SEO is implemented and it receives automatic feature updates..
To create Web Stories on your blog, you get access to a feature-rich, WYSIWYG Story Builder tool that lets you create Stories in minutes.
You get access to a free media library of music, images and videos that can be added to your Stories. You can also upload your own videos and images in the Stories.

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Giving an impressive design to your stories gets easier because you get access to several ready to use design templates.
On your blog, you can embed a visual content widget for free. It's an easy and effective way to mesmerize your readers.
You can get a quiz game on your blog and make it interactive even more engaging.
Start your self-help blog that will fetch you more readers and also compel them to return for more. Visual Stories gives you the tools and services to wow your users.
With good content and engaging visuals (videos and images), you will be able to get a loyal following.
Write inspirational quotes, motivational stories or content about self development. Visual Stories will help you get a wider reach and more reader engagement.
You can create quizzes or even embed a quiz game widget on your website. The interactive experience will add to your blog's user engagement.
So, don't wait further to start your personal development blog. For that, Visual Stories is your one-stop solution.
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