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Staying Motivated When No Motivation Works

Pragya Singh Mar 31, 2020
There are times when you know you deserve better and that you can do better. However, the situations you face and the phase of your life you go through, just cannot be explained.
You know: nobody will understand. All great things you have read or heard in the past seem to be of no help.

Completely depressed is what you feel...!!
This is the time to hold yourself up and tell your mind and heart that this thing shall soon pass.

At times when no motivation helps, a bit of distraction, or may be meditation is what you should take up.
Think about your worth, of people who look upto you for various reasons and recollect all your wishes and future plans you still have to achieve. Your future plans will surely help you to gear up.
To add to this fuel, just think of the time you just managed to complete your work on time or may be caught the train or bus on time, of how you cooked something and it was, of course, not that bad!!
All these are only to tell you that you will obviously achieve what you have been wanting.
Just remember...this is not the end....you have all the powers within you to turn anything that might appear depressing at first, into a new beginning....!!