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7 Things That Are Easy To Say But Hard To Follow

Sai Kardile Mar 4, 2020
The human species is a generous species, and if we want to have a lucid demonstration of this magnanimity, then try asking any earthling for an advice. It is often unsolicited and uncalled-for because more than half of the things that come out of their mighty gobs in the name of advice are not necessarily observed by them. In this, we discuss 7 such things..
"Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The other day when I was wrestling to put a lid on my infamous temper, my friend, almost unable to quell her restless desire to offer me an advice, finally gave it to me. Despite being able to predict my reaction to her obvious 'calm down', she dared to put her tongue to those abominable words that can make any livid person slap himself hard across his face.
But people do give you advice, they do tell you to do things which they think are befitting to do in a situation; it is easy to say things, because you don't have to deal with the unpleasantness and uncertainty of it.
Watching fire from a distance and being girdled by it are two different things, but this despite not being a fine but broad distinction, often evades people's mental grasp. Anyways. Given here are some common things that are very easy to say but very difficult to follow when one is presented with.

Forgive and forget

No matter how forgiving mortal you claim yourself to be, there are certain things that are way beyond it. It is not a cinch to forgive someone who cheated on you or someone who left you in the lurch when he/she knew that you were pending on them.
While it is true that harboring ill and acrimonious feelings for someone is unhealthy and also a frailty, but when a wound is too deep, it just doesn't let you to forgive and forget.

Expect nothing from others

One of the most hackneyed things that you are exposed to in your entire life span. IT IS NOT THAT EASY TO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE. Don't tell me you don't expect fidelity from your partner or a good pay hike? Huh?

Can't say 'no'!

Arrgghh. Why is it so bloody hard to get this two lettered word out of your gob?
That is because you don't want to wind up hurting the other person's feelings and also because your "NO" is most likely to stick in that person's head more than your "YES". Call this evil human programming.

Don't worry, be happy

I am unemployed, just have 50 dollars that will not even tide me over until next week, have bills to pay, ravenous mouth to feed, and yes, my gleefully malicious landlord just told me that he is jacking up the rent. But I'm not going to worry about my horrible situation and going to be happy.

Not happy with your house? Easy, move it!

Yes, why not! If only moving was that easy peasy lemon squeezy, but in reality, you become a lemon whose juice has been wrung out till the last drop. People probably don't think about money, the difficulties involved in finding a new place, etc.
Moving out lock, stock, and barrel and settling in a new place seems like a great idea, but it also grates your a** greatly.

Perennial advice: Be strong!

I find it highly inscrutable when for every problem, irrespective of the nature and intensity of it, people tell you to be strong. "Be strong" is meant to be used as an intensifier that only increases the degree of emphasis of a REAL ADVICE.

Moving your tush out of your comfort blanket

You know it in your heart that if you want a little frisson, a breath of fresh air or a novelty element in your life, you will have to pull up stakes from your comfort zone. But you are so acclimatized to leading your life in a set and snug pattern that you just can't get your head to designing a new pattern in your life.