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Productive Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown!

Vinita Tahalramani
There comes a time when you have to stay back home and have nothing to do. Here's a list of some productive things to ride the wave of quarantine boredom.

Make a Call to...

  • A long distant relative
  • A long distant friend
  • All those you couldn't connect to when you were busy

Facetime...(Setup a Family Meeting)

Schedule a family meeting, come on a video call, 4 at a time to meet the geographic distance.

Chores, chores and some more chores...

  • Declutter your space
  • Clean out your junk drawer
  • Get rid of out-of-date items at home
  • Clean your camera roll, clean your phone
  • Delete duplicate files, contacts that are of no use
  • Clean up your social media accounts

Personal Growth

  1. Find your passion. Do the things you always wanted to do, but couldn't.
  2. Work on creating a vision for life.
  3. Test and improve your concentration with meditation and puzzle games.

At Home

  • Reorganize the furniture
  • Decorate your room
  • Create a collage of photos
  • Indulge into gardening

Beauty Rituals

  • Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  • Try a new facemask
  • Experiment with your hair

... And There's More!

Bake a dish or cook a meal

Tip:- A quick 15-30 minutes recipe to let the excitement stay.
Watch a documentary

  Tip:- Prepare a snack
  before you start one.
Organize a family or portfolio photoshoot

Tip:- Arrange for different backdrops and props.
Enhance your hobby by watching tutorials or making some tutorials.
These were some of the productive things you can do to keep your mood light and stay motivated when you have to stay at home.