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Things Unhappy People Have in Common

Sharon Joseph
At some point or the other in our lives, we have all been miserable, depressed, and unhappy. That is quite normal. But being unhappy all the time is a cause for concern. Here, you will find ten different things that unhappy people have in common, and what NOT to do when you're searching for peace, love, balance, and joy.
Being judgmental, finding fault, criticizing and complaining about everything, spending time around gloomy people, having low self-esteem, holding grudges, and always assuming the worst, are some common traits that unhappy people possess.
Hugh Downs once said, "A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes."
The timeless principle to achieve happiness has always been modifying one's approach towards life, being responsible for one's own happiness, making positive changes from within, and not burying oneself by emotional eating, drinking alcohol, or smoking.
The day we learn to swap our negative thoughts with positive ones, surround ourselves with cheerful people, and enjoy what we have, that day would truly be a memorable day. Life is a beautiful struggle, so try to see the bright side of everything, laugh frequently, and smile before you go to sleep. Remember, only you have the power to change your life.
So are you ready to find out what's making you unhappy? Then go through this list and make appropriate changes to live a happier life.

Unhappy People...

Dislike Themselves
The Problem: Unhappy people let family, friends, and colleagues determine what heights, strengths, and goals they can achieve. They dislike themselves when these set goals are not met. They also run around trying to please everyone but themselves. They usually try to fulfill someone else expectations and dreams, which keeps them unhappy.
How To Change This: Focus and believe in yourself, decide what you want, and what makes you feel good. Write down the things you like about yourself, respect and love yourself first, and the rest (i.e. happiness, joy, peace) will be given to you.
Worry About Money
The Problem: Does money make a man happy? Can money really buy peace of mind, true love, happiness or respect? Maybe or maybe not. Worrying and complaining about not having enough money is another aspect that unhappy people have in common. They focus and compare themselves with others, which in turn breaks them down and steals their joy and happiness.
How To Change This: Stop comparing your life with others and start appreciating the things you have. You were not born to live their life. So, stop being jealous of others, and start living your life the way you want it to be.
Minds Wander Aimlessly
The Problem: Unhappy people often tend to be preoccupied thinking about their past or future, and seem less focused about their present. Such people seem to over-think everything and complicate the present.
How To Change This : Our life is a mirror of what we think, so think positively to get positive results. Meditate and learn to stop over-thinking about everything. Live in the moment.
Have No Hobbies
The Problem: They have absolutely no hobbies or interests, and spend most of their time on social networking sites. They keep looking at pictures of peers with great social lives having fun, and get easily depressed for not having one.
How To Change This: Simple. Get a hobby. Learn an instrument or a sport, ride a bicycle, go fishing, trekking, swimming, gardening, learn photography, or volunteer for a charity.
Dislike Their Jobs
The Problem: Research has shown that unhappy people tend to dislike their jobs the most. They feel meaningless and stuck doing what they do for a living. They spend most of their Sunday evening worrying about their Monday morning.
How To Change This: Look for another job, and if you can't change your job, then change your attitude towards it, and stop complicating your life. Focus on the things you want, learn from your mistakes, and pursue your dreams.
Commute A Lot
The Problem: A recent study suggests that long-distance commuting impacts not only health and relationships, but also happiness. And unhappy people tend to commute a lot, which in turn, drains the life out of them.
How To Change This: Buy or rent a house closer to work. If you can't afford one, or rather prefer a more spacious house than a cramped apartment, then there are innumerable things you could do when stuck in traffic, like read, pray, listen to good music, etc.
Don't Have Any Pets
The Problem: Some say pets are an ultimate antidote and a powerful form of stress relief, and I couldn't agree more. But, unhappy people consider them to be an added responsibility, and so don't like keeping any pets.
How To Change This: Start with the simplest one, like a bird, guinea pig, hamster, or fish, and then gradually move on to a dog or a cat. Believe me, they are great companions, loyal, and provide unconditional, stress-free love.
Love Material Possessions
The Problem: Unhappy people tend to fill the void in their lives with luxury goods and wealth, and equate them to happiness and fulfillment. But materialism breeds only unhappiness and gives temporary joy.
How To Change This: Ask and question yourself before making any purchase. Learn to be satisfied with what you have, and become a responsible spender, who spends money wisely and only on necessary items.
Are Always Lonely
The Problem: Loneliness is yet another aspect that unhappy people have in common. They prefer socializing on the web, rather than mingling with someone face-to-face. This type of behavior is not good, and is linked with numerous health issues, from depression to stress-related diseases.
How To Change This: Participate or volunteer for a charity, meet new people, or talk to an old friend. Go out, exercise, hike, trek, and try out something new.
Dislike Their Town
The Problem: Unhappy people find nothing worthwhile to do in the city they live in, and literally complain about everything, even the little things that don't really matter. They regard their town with contempt, and detest the neighborhood by finding fault in all things around.
How To Change This: Find a new place to live in. If this is not an option, then ask other people and research more about the things or activities you can do in that particular town.
If you want to change this state of being unhappy to staying happy, then all you need to do is change your thoughts or attitude. Your happiness is in your own hands and not in someone else. So take charge of your life, think more about what you have, be grateful for it, and aim for more.
Visualize yourself living in abundance, and discover your purpose in life. Make a list and write down the things you want to accomplish. As research has shown - people with written goals are more likely to succeed than others, and people with no purpose or aim are the ones who stay unhappy for the rest of their lives.
So don't delay, attend to your joy and purpose first, be happy, grateful, and start treating yourself with love and respect. As you start loving yourself, you'll automatically start loving others, your job, your neighborhood, and your life.