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16 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Ashmeet Bagga
Nobody is perfect, everybody is bound to make mistakes and later apologize for it, because they regret their actions or words. However, there are times where an apology is not necessary, but we do it because we value other people's feeling more than ours.
"Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you've got a big heart and aren't afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength."
― Brigitte Nicole
Every relationship has survived on apologies; after all, we are humans and take stupid decisions and do dumb things which irks the other person.
Humans are flawed creatures, even though we try to master things and pursue perfection, mistakes are going to occur from time to time. Given the circumstances, it may not be anybody's fault, but in the end, it does not matter.
Pointing fingers or accusing somebody won't do any good to your relationship. Many times, you accept your mistake, clearly when it's not yours, because you care more about the relationship than the argument.
Of course it's necessary to use the S-word when you say something wrong or probably forget to pick up your son after work. But many of us are frequently saying sorry for things that have happened for no fault of ours.
So keeping this in mind, we have put together a list of things you should never say sorry for.

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Don't Say Sorry For
Your Form of Self-expression
Our life is a roller-coaster ride, and you are bound to experience many ups and downs.
Everybody has a way of removing or expressing their pent-up frustration. Whether it's writing a daily blog, playing the guitar or any musical instrument, or maybe talking a walk alone. You should never ever say sorry for expressing your emotions.
Being Yourself
Everybody has unique traits in them. Not everybody will have the same taste in music or would like to go bungee-jumping. You have your personal opinions, beliefs, thoughts, hobbies, etc.
You don't need to apologize for that. If you like heavy metal, so be it, don't say sorry for being you, indirectly it means apologizing for your beliefs, desires, and thoughts.
Being a Workaholic
If you love your work and like spending more than ten hours in your office, then do it. If you prefer work over other hobbies, don't say sorry for it. Other people will complain that you don't do anything besides work, let them. Do what you like.
A Guys Night Out
Just like how girls love spending time with their girlfriends, shopping or gossiping.
Guys like to blow off some steam by getting together and doing their thing. A guys night out is an awesome way to remind themselves that there is more to life than their girlfriend or family.
Your Past
As mentioned earlier, we all make mistakes. Your past might contain some mistakes which you are not proud of.
You need to let go, because it's your life and that was your decision. Feeling guilty or giving justifications to people will only stop you from moving on.
You gained some experience and won't commit that mistake again. This should not be one of the things you need to apologize for.
Loving Somebody
Your likes and the type of people you like is not other people's business. Be proud of who you love, celebrate this love. Even if the guy or girl is chubby, skinny, dumb, or intelligent, it does not matter because you love them.

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Some people cry easily, it is their way of expressing their emotions. Also, crying is good for your soul, it helps to cleanse your soul and lifts off heavy burden which you have been carrying around for long.
Saying No
There are moments in life where we say no to a coworker, friend, parent, etc. Over-burdening yourself with many party invitations, workload, or doing any illegal activity will definitely take a toll on your life.
If you don't wish to do a certain thing, never hesitate or feel sorry after rejecting that offer.
Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions and not everybody's mindset or point of view is the same.
If you disagree with somebody's statement or their action, feel free to let them know. As long as you prove your point gracefully, you are not entitled to apologize for it.
What Makes You Happy
Always be unapologetic for what makes you happy.
Whether it is taking a stroll in the park, curling up on the bed with a book, or watching funny baby videos. Your happiness depends on you and not on somebody else.
So if anything in particular tickles your funny bone or makes you happy, go do it.
Earning More Money
You should never feel sorry for being successful. If you earn more money than your partner, that does not mean your partner is not good enough.
It simply means that you are capable of earning more money, simply because you are perhaps more qualified/deserving/lucky than your spouse.
Being Honest
Don't feel bad about not lying, honesty is important in every relationship. You are or were being honest to somebody because you care about them.
Suppose if your friend does not look good in a particular dress, feel free to be honest with him/her. If he calls you mean or whatever, that means he was not ready to hear the truth.
Following Your Passion
We all have some or many dreams or we want to achieve something when we grow up.
Don't let anybody belittle you because of your dream or your passion. If you are passionate about something in life, then make it come true.
Taking Me Time
Let's agree we need some time to figure out our life. Or many people prefer to be alone after a long day, to think of times they are grateful for. Sometimes, besides listening to people, we need to relax and listen to our own thoughts.
Letting Go of People
They can be anybody, your exes, best friends, or maybe somebody from your family, if they are toxic and you get a negative vibe, then let go of these people. It's your decision whom to keep and remove from your life.
You maybe slightly overweight or way too skinny, or your whole body is covered with tattoos or piercings. Don't apologize for the way you dress up or for your body shape.
Challenging the Norm
If somebody likes you for your looks or expects you to have a model-like figure, then they need to Photoshop their mind.
So do you over-apologize? Sometimes, apologizing can be good, but over-apologizing for things that are not your fault can make your partner or other person take you for granted. Kill this habit before it gets worse.