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Brilliant Ways to Learn to Love Yourself

Janna Seliger Aug 10, 2020
Learning to love oneself isn't an easy task, but it isn't impossible, either. With the right attitude you can change the way you think, react, and look at yourself. Here we give you some helpful tips to develop that attitude, the right attitude.
Loving myself isn't something I'm very good at. It takes hard work to look in the mirror and like what I see. It's difficult for me to enjoy who I am.
Low self-esteem has been something I've struggled with all my life. I have, however, found ways to combat it. I'd like to share these with you in hopes that it will not only enrich your lives, but it might help me a little in turn.

Make lists

Make a list of all the things that you like about yourself. I know this is going to be difficult at first, but it's imperative. Here are a few examples:
I like myself because...

* I am caring.
* I am kind.
* I am hardworking.
* I like cats.
* I'm passionate about things.
* I'm capable of loving deeply.
* I have cute hair.
* I have pretty eyes.
* I'm a good writer.
Again, this isn't easy at first. start with lists of things you like. For example, cats, reading, walking, the color pink, etc. If you really like the things you write down, those things make up parts of your personality. You can like yourself just for liking those things, just like you might like someone else for having similar likes.

Are they lying?

Think about someone who loves you. It can be a parent, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a pet. When they say or show that they love you, do you think they're lying? Probably not. This has helped me tremendously.
For example, my boyfriend will tell me I'm beautiful. I look in the mirror and say, "But... I'm not!" He'll reply, "Do you think I'm lying to you?" I know he's not lying: he really thinks I'm beautiful. If someone you truly care about, loves you or thinks you're beautiful, you trust they truly mean it, right? Why call them a liar by discrediting it?


Journaling is a great way to let out negative emotions and cultivate positive ones. You can look back through your writings and think, "Wow, I've really improved upon myself," or "I have some great ideas!" This can help you develop self-esteem.
If you don't have much time, make it a one-sentence journal. Write down one sentence everyday that sums up that day. It's quick, easy, and can tell you a lot about yourself in the end.

Be yourself

Many people don't like what they see in the mirror simply because they are trying too hard to be somebody they're not. Don't try to be like another because you'll always fail. You can never be anyone but yourself. You can come close or be a reasonable facsimile, but the only person you can ever truly be is you.
Allow your self to come out by doing things you like to do, wearing things you like to wear, and not letting others influence you. For example, If you have pink hair even though your mom tells you it looks bad but you like it.

What good is hate?

Is hating yourself making your life any better? No. If you want to change yourself or better yourself, you have to take action. Yes, it's scary, and it's certainly not easy. Never think for a second that self-hatred is going to move you to action because it will only prove to bring you down. Try using self-esteem instead to motivate!
Loving yourself is a challenging thing because many people tend to be incredibly self-critical. It's an important aspect of a happy life, though, and if you want to garner greater satisfaction in your life you need to learn to love yourself.
Once you realize what an awesome person you are, you'll never want to go back to those days of self-depreciation. You'll be a way happier and way healthier!