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10 Ways to Make People Like You at Work

Buzzle Staff
We spend one-third of our lives at work. So, office is like our second home, and colleagues our second family. Your co-workers need not be your best buddies, but you do need to have a cordial relationship with them.

Hygiene Matters

Along with basic manners, hygiene and washroom etiquette plays a major role at any workplace. Your colleagues are surely not going to like you if you don't know how to use a washroom properly.

How to Make People Like You at Work

Politely asking your co-workers if you can help them with something will definitely earn you some extra points. If you know some tricks or shortcuts, do share them with your colleagues. Your boss should be able to trust you with important assignments.

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So, complete your work on time and with efficiency. Being reliable is very important to be taken seriously in office.
All of us require help in work at some stage or the other. Don't consider it as a shortcoming; ask for help politely. Most importantly, be grateful and appreciate what people do for you, whether big or small.
Don't take your colleagues for granted, and show through your words and actions how much you appreciate their help.
A genuine smile means a lot. You don't need to continuously have a fake smile plastered on your face, but do pleasantly acknowledge your colleagues.
Wishing your co-workers good morning, leaving handwritten congratulatory notes, giving compliments, and most importantly, remembering their names will aid in creating a positive and friendly image of yours.
In order to become a likeable person at work, you need to show interest in your colleagues' likes, hobbies, interests, etc.
This will help you connect with them on a deeper level. While doing that, do ensure that you don't intrude or poke your nose in very personal matters. Respect your co-workers, and you'll be respected and liked as well.
Obviously, you're not going to like all your co-workers, but you have to work together, so whatever problems you have just discuss them and clear things out.
Keeping things in your mind will lead to grudges, and sooner or later may lead to a big argument. So, nip it in the bud, and clear any misunderstandings you have with each other.
A person who agrees with anything and everything may come across as a people pleaser.
You need to have a flexible approach, but strong opinions at the same time. Your colleagues won't take you seriously if you agree with everything they say. Don't argue over every little point, but do contribute with your point of view in varied matters.
You don't need to party every week with your colleagues to make them like you. But do make your presence felt and socialize occasionally. Parties are where co-workers connect on a personal level, so if you give a miss to all the parties, you'll feel left out.
Not everybody is interested in knowing about your fight with your boyfriend or how much you love your husband.
Just keep some details to yourself, rather than bombarding people with unnecessary information. Your colleagues may be polite enough to not tell you how irritating you are being, but that doesn't mean you take advantage of them.
Gossiping at work is a strict 'no' if you want people to like you and respect you.
If you constantly discuss other people's lives, your colleagues will become wary of you. Getting to genuinely know someone is okay, but trying to extract juicy details of someone's life just to spread them around will only tarnish your reputation.
Don't argue just for the sake of arguing. Take things positively, and keep a calm approach. Use criticism positively to better your work. All of us make mistakes, but owning up and working on them is better than trying to blame someone else.
Every workplace has a different culture, so keep a flexible approach. Also, remember that, though there are many ways to become more likeable at work, you cannot please each and every staff member. Don't go to work with the intention of impressing others. Just be yourself, relax, focus, enjoy your work, and control your temper.