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10 Ways You Can Make Your Daily Commute More Productive

Rujuta Patil
You can choose to spend daily commuting time more productively, either by working or doing what you like to do. During this time, if you can, do get back to your hobbies in whichever way possible. Read, write, sing, sketch, and look for more ideas with which you can practice a new skill. Or, simply take a nap. But, try going beyond reading the newspaper!

Quick Tip!

Productivity coach Hillary Rettig suggests that you should leave early as it empowers you.
According to her, "When people are commuting, they're most likely rushing," This creates all the stress and lowers your happiness. So, spare enough time by doing things well beforehand, and commutes will become peaceful and happy.
Think about your plans for the day at work. Basically, find inspiration for the day ahead. Review yesterday's to-do list and make one afresh. Or just have fun making holiday plans.
If you love reading, get audiobooks and enjoy your drive to work. Besides, good music is always the best option, whether in a car, train, or bus.
Get some prep work done for an important meeting scheduled next week via a conference call. Also, you can use this free time to participate in few webinars you recently learned about.
There are umpteen ways to learn a skill online through tutorials and videos. Invest this time in your interest area, and keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in that field. Utilize the time to pursue your hobby more efficiently.
Carpooling being eco-friendly is also a great idea for a productive commute. Discuss your project with a colleague on your way to work, or work on a presentation in the cab you share. If you do not want to discuss work, you can always share those 'you-know-what' moments with this buddy.
Get in touch with your old friends. Call up those whom you really wanted to get in touch with since long. Or, simply get those 'chores-and-inquiry-and-reservation' calls done with.
Very much possible for those who take a train or a bus and then walk down to the workplace. Choose a different route after a few days, or walk down the beautiful lanes of your city. You can sure find joy in the little things a city wakes up to every morning. Find out new shops or the never-before-seen details of an undiscovered city space.
Look around you and get inspired by your surroundings. It could even be people commuting with you in the train, kids walking to school, a vendor getting his shop ready for the market, and so on... There are so many things around you that can give you great ideas about trends, or you can simply learn so much about people, about this wonderful world.
When you know you are still 35 minutes away from your destination, it is not at all a bad idea to take a good nap. Just make sure, you wake up at the right time - either set an alarm, or know someone who will definitely come to your aid here. Sleep is definitely a productive restoration activity, more so on your way back home.
Be health conscious and get energized! Get down earlier than your usual stop and ride a bicycle to your workplace. Or, you could also take a walk.