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Things to be Grateful for in Life

Being grateful is a feeling, make it a habit as it brings happiness.
Vinita Tahalramani
Why be Grateful?
With a varied reasons to be grateful for, one powerful one is that, Joy catches up.

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Be grateful for the roof over your head, with which comes security and safety.
Be grateful for food and water on your table, with which comes your well-being.

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Be grateful for nature's free gifts sunshine, moonlight, the vast ocean, the mighty mountain, and a lot more, with which comes life.
Be grateful for theĀ technology in our hands, the internet, for the data storage, with which we become earth-friendly.
Be grateful for the precious relationships you own, from blood relations to the community you belong to, with which comes togetherness.
Be grateful for the gift of physical and mental health, with which comes a sense of living.
Be grateful for the money you have, with which comes the purpose of growth.
Be grateful for the opportunities you get, with which comes a chance to make a difference.
Be grateful for the quality and quantity of sleep you have, with which comes a restful body and mind.
Be grateful for the senses you are gifted, with which comes awareness.
Be grateful for kind gesture and generous actions of people, with which comes the ability to spread positive forces.
I have made a list of things you should be grateful for. But here, I would insist on taking a moment and think what you could be grateful for! The truth is, you would find a plenty of things.
How do I practice gratitude you ask!
Here are doableĀ ways to practice gratefulness.